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He'll be time is eight thirty. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by precision camera. President Trump is determined to use tariffs to get Mexico to close at southern border Mexico. An abuser of the United States. President Trump is demanding action acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told him BC's meet the press Mexico should secure the border with Guatemala. It's many migrants are coming from Central America. It's much easier to secure that border that it is our board because it's so much shorter. It's about quarter of the length. The US chamber of commerce is considering legal challenge to the tariff plan over concerns. The cost of the terrorist will be paid by American citizens and businesses in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News. Bill technologies hopes to minimize the impact of any Mexican tear, Ron rock based Dell's annual revenue has risen to twenty two billion dollars from last year, but that's slightly lower than forecasts it because of lagging demand from China, which has also been locked into trade disputes. With the US and now with the president vowing to impose tariffs on Mexican imports del CFO. Tom sweet tells Bloomberg consumers are going to feel this, there is obviously some work that will have to do around our pricing framework, as we think about the impact of those tariffs that he says the silver lining here is that they have more than twenty five production facilities across the globe. It gives them a lot of flexibility to minimize the impact that will be passed on to customers. Patrick osborne. Newsradio KLBJ, President Trump hits back at London's mayor who's not happy that President Trump is being welcome to London. Trump has kicked off the trip with a tweet blasting London mass at econ who says the American president should not get rid copied treatments in Britain, the tweet exclaims, call is a stone cold loser, who Trump says by all accounts has done a terrible job as mayor of London from ads com should focus on crime in London. Not me over the London leg of the state. Visit the president is expected to be greeted with significant protests. Charleston with desma on the, the Allston school board meets tonight. They'll..

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