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The only debut the one i love which i saw twenty fourteen sundance and fell in love with a movie the one i love was there any kind of directing advice that he gave you just any story advice that kind of helped you fit into that role is going to be so depressing because honestly okay now i'm out no i mean he knows now here's here's sort of uh my my dad it it's less advice and more just sort of uh observing him i i've i've always been sort of an of him and don't have the relationship with them where it's like here let me take you under my weighing in teach you about film it was more like i've experienced interesting moments with him one was going to the kubrick a state um were were kubrick has buried and and and sort of learning about that whole side of his life and and you know what a mentor kubrick was for him as well as lindsay anderson and so sort of hearing these stories um help shape me i think is a director was there a good kubrick tale that comes to mind odd well they they were inches i think that uh well the first time that my dad met kubrick um so kubrick wanted to do clockwork orange and he said that the only person that can do it was my dad and he saw this film if that was my dad's i amazing so he he called my dad in an and i'm gonna sort of butcher the story in that like it was at the figures at the royal shakespeare company theater or something like that and and he had my dad come in and my dad tells us that he was like up on a stage and kubrick was like in a chair in an audience which seems so ridiculous but maybe it was at that time and he basically said you know my dad was was a member at at this this academy and he said what do you think of the school.

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