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I am keeping my fingers crossed that you're there. Are you there? I am grand. Yes, I am. Thank you for calling back. Hey, a little less stress, right? When you know asleep. They're all here and we're all accounted for. And you know, I'm so glad that you're going to talk about family resiliency because the thing that probably has everybody Surprised, but not surprised is when you have relationships with people, you think. Oh, if I only had more time with that person to work on whatever it is. And yet what are we seeing? We're seeing all of these. Hollywood couples and friends and neighbors and all that, and they're all not all. Many of them are filing for divorce now, and they say it's because They finally had time to spend with this person and realize it's not working. Yeah, And then that's interesting, isn't it? Dr Tobin, and let me just add to it before. For Paul Paul comments that sadly, were also seen so many and so many other ways. Children are not coping. Necessarily. Well, That's why I want to talk to my grandkids about stuff for them fact that compliment in my teenage grandson 15 and said, You know, Ryan, you have to have the toughest Time right now because one of the kids at 15 want to do They want to be with each other yet, but they're having trouble early college kids have in trouble as older people are feeling isolated into our homes. That's hard. Uh, couples are struggling because I've got to deal with each other more. You know, there's people who are taking care of elderly parents are finding it hard. So you know, I don't think there's easy way through this. So that's why Dr Tobin, we have to develop resilience, right? Absolutely. And you guys are right on target with all of this. Well, I may be on target. But guess what? I have to interrupt already. It's already times but Dr Tobin, I promise we will let you go. First we come back. This is our mental health tune up. Dr. Gale Llewellyn Hobson, Licensed psychologist Dr. Paul Tobin, also a licensed psychologist, both over 40 years. Are here with us tonight to talk about family resilience, and we're going to take it on this whole hour. I'm good Falconer. Lippert, You're listening to 1000 Katie. Okay? Cereal again with all the junk too fattening up here in box for delete, But you can work up a sweat pushing that delete button delete, Delete. Can we get this guy a towel or water or something? Sign up for our daily email. A breakdown of the important stuff in your life gathering all the information news of the day. The stuff that's not junk. Very important news..

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