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Yeah, that's my reaction. Exactly. But so huge favorite from for most people that live here they just put into an ice cream flavor. I don't know what their thoughts. Yeah. I saw I did watch a video but I did see a a a picture of a guy. No, no, no. No. No, I don't like seafood. I like onions so I know for me I also like onions but that combination when something slithers down your one things that you guys are also famous for and might not be you off. But never the love of licorice apparently is a thing over there. Yes. I hated actually, but it's something that most people indeed love to do when I remember when I was in a Kinder no, Primary School Primerica. Yeah, we needed to do like a talk about one of your favorite subjects and presented to the class and the world that did her talk about her. She said everybody loves Liberation. I was like raising my finger. Yeah, it's also a tradition and it comes in both salty flavor. Yes labor, and then you can also add other stuff to it. And it's a real treat for most people that live here. Yeah. Well I'm with you saying with seafood same with licorice that is not paying for me. So so what are some uniquely Neverland foods that you do enjoy? Well, the thing that I really enjoy is called a stroke baffle. So that mean that you have a very thin biscuit to actually an in-between and there's a layer of dead. I know exactly what you're talking about. But is it no, go ahead. I think know who you're talking about its Lair of hard Insurance like maple syrup done not liquid anymore, but a little bit hardened and then it becomes like a cookie and that is just delicious. It's one of my absolute favorites in the Netherlands so long. It's a very very yes, very, can you spell it out for me real quick. It's a stroke. So s t r o p o p. Yes. Yes. We have some friends over has some bags of candy and all that kind of good stuff and open at one of them and it was a stroke stroke waffle. Is that correct? Okay. Yep. Like hob, I've never seen this it looked fancy. The packaging was definitely fancy-looking and I had it and was like, oh so good. Oh, man. So yes, I've only had that one but either my wife or the frame we had over said they sell them, you know at some other store down the road. So I definitely want I don't want to get addicted cuz those May woo. Yeah and here is another ones you can also get them warm. So then they are liquid and that's even better. You know, the gold ones are already fantastic but the warm ones who should be making me hungry man. We're going to get lunch. So I'm hungry. Yeah, like I said the other but she delivered overseas. Right? Right. I see my address not take a month or so. It won't be warm by a so so what what kind of like regular cuz that's technically like a deserve or snack thing. Correct? Yes. So we're more like a regular like dinner meal lunch meal dinner meal. I have two that I actually like I I used to love what we call. Vertical as a as child. So it's a war translate into farmer and it's it's the.

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