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For Thursday march nineteenth. Twenty twenty in Los Angeles. I'm Tom Merritt and from studio red. I'm Sarah Lane from lockdown of Justin Robert Young and from the SOCO. La Area and the show's producer. Roger Chan we were talking about podcast intech and how that's now just become all entertainments tech. We were also talking about the significance of what's going on right now on good day Internet. Get that wider conversation become a member. Patriot dot com slash. Dt AND S. Let's start here with a few tech things you should know a report by loop ventures at Gene Munster notes that increases and availability of the sixty four GIG iphone eleven sixty four GIG iphone eleven pro air pods pro and the second Jenn air pods imply. The company's supply partners in China are returning to regular production output levels. Monster believes that lower lead times mostly point to a restart in production in China regular production anyway and the softening demand accounts for some but minority of that Bob. The New York Stock Exchange announced that it will temporarily close its physical trading floors and move to an all electronic trading following to positive Kobe nineteen tests this week. All Electric Trading will begin on March. Twenty third plug in Uber. Ceo Derek Shot. He said on an investor call that ride volume has dropped by up to sixty to seventy percent in cities. Hit hardest by coke. Nineteen like Seattle goes shy. He stressed that even in the worst case scenario of rides down eighty percent for the year. Uber would still have four billion dollars of unrestricted cash in the bank. And a two billion dollar credit line company is also considering using its network to deliver needed items like medicine and basic goods. Microsoft announced that Microsoft teams had forty four million daily active users as of March Eighteenth at twelve million user increase in the last week alone. Twenty customers have over one hundred thousand employees each using teams. That's up from fourteen last week. And in November two thousand Nineteen Microsoft announced teams had twenty million daily active user. So quite a jump and not surprising the US Federal Communications Commission announced that it temporarily waived quote unquote gift rules for its rural healthcare in Iraq programs until September twentieth. Two Thousand Twenty. These rules ordinarily forbid rural healthcare facilities libraries and schools who are part of the program and receiving subsidies from accepting anything of value from ISP's participating in the program the change could let ISP's donate Wifi hotspots upgraded network equipment and offer free service for Telemedicine and Distance Learning September twentieth wedding anniversary. So I'll remember that they're losing that exemption then Amazon spokesperson confirmed a CNBC Amazon Prime Pantry which launched in two thousand fourteen is temporarily closed in the US. Due to high order volumes tied to of course people preparing to stay at home because of Cova nineteen prime pantries that let's prime members by packaged groceries and household items discount. 'cause you pack them all together in one shipment. No Word on win service for Prime Pantry will resume. Let's talk a little bit more about what Europe Santa Netflix Justin. Well Tom the European Union's internal market and Services Commissioner Atira Britain called on streaming video providers to switch to standard definition content during peak usage and take other measures to ease the strain on Internet infrastructure. Netflix says it will reduce bit rates across all streams in Europe for thirty days and estimates that will estimates that it will reduce NETFLIX TRAFFIC ON EUROPEAN NETWORKS. By around twenty five percent later retin warned that network provider were network providers that wild they can take quote exceptional traffic management measures and quote to ease congestion. They must not discriminate against individual content providers commission also called on users to use Wi fi over cellular whenever possible and choose lower content resolution when possible. Bits saving measures are going into effect. Watch- watching standard Def for our survival exact. Yeah because this is crazy. Broadband distancing pleased distance. You're bits appropriately. Don't pack them into tightly. Bits will be two meters apart as delivered to your Netflix streaming. At the same time it would be hard to argue. No no no. I am not going to standard def. It's just not that big of a crisis and honestly there is a lot of video delivering of that can literally grow or shrink the Internet based on on how you do it it. Networks is taking those steps then. I think everybody can deal with a few more pixels and a and an hats off to the people who are working to keep the Internet running It isn't as easy as it might seem to. It's kind of amazing that it's still working to me. No kidding we'll speaking of video streaming. A lot of folks are experimenting now. More than ever with chrome extension called Netflix Party. The let's group of friends who all have netflixing cup video watching together so it's like a party you're all you know shelter place and has a chat room so you can chat while you're watching all users and a party. Have the option to pause rewind or fast forward unless the initiator reserves that function to themselves could get a little crazy depending on how many people are doing it. Polygon points out that there are other similar options like mets dream for chrome and Firefox. Six to seven which has paid tier to access some services like Hulu or Disney plus and watched two together which also supports audio streams. If you happen to want to listen to podcasts with your friends as with all browser extensions be careful. All extensions are not created equal. And it's hard to tell who's making some of these programs so be You know vigilance and install your own risk. Yeah I was trying to figure out. Who is behind Netflix party? They don't care about US page. There's not much detail about them. They have a three star rating on the chrome extension store so that that raise my hackles a little bit Is it just just be careful? Be Wise make This idea of watching things is always one where Mike do. People really want to do this. And this is Talia right. Like if it's ever GonNa work this. Is it actually have a group of friends who were all kind of scattered around? We're on the US but no one lives anywhere near me. So I'm not going to be in the same room watching Netflix with them at any point. Well we all have not fucks and this kind of got floated as a great idea and we all said. Yes. Let's do. It can't agree on a time as humans where we all want to do together. It requires us. Everyone's on appointment viewing now so it's like why can't do that at nine. Nine your time is midnight for me. Sarah. So it's It's still hurting cats a little bit but I love this idea. I've always wanted something like this to work well. And that's not even because I'm stuck at home just this like a fun thing to do with people who you just aren't going to see that. I say that this is something that I I am taking a fresh. Look at all of these things like. I have never when they announce facetime to have multiple parties. That you get a bunch of people in there initially. I'm like whatever I mean. I barely like it when anybody face times me let alone phase timing with many people and yet there. I was last night with two friends that I normally go out without Wednesdays. We now can't because of shelter at home and we were enjoying each other's company on multiple phase facetime. So I'm all about this. I do think however please please friends you cannot double check these plug INS enough to have a. They can that they are. They are back doors and not all the ones that Sarah mentioned are extensions. Some of them are independent services. But again you given your information to other people you can just try to get on chat and say three to one press play but it won't perfectly sink Yeah so that that's kind of what these services are providing the ability to do this. I wonder if Netflix will just R- they've they've had a service like this out of their hacker groups before the ramp up something like that that they offer themselves or some of those other products out there comeback. But yeah this is Go check out that polygon article has a wrap up of all the ones that that Sarah mentioned and kind of evaluate them. Pick the ones right for you. Monday announced it had trained. It's lowy neurotrophic trip at chip to identify the sense of ten different hazardous chemicals a paper in the Journal. Nature Machine Intelligence describes work done with Cornell University on the Louis Heat ship with the output of seventy two chemical sensors teaching Louis. He that a particular response correspondent to the presence of a particular chemical. So it's not just a sensor that detects a molecule. It's actually trying to mimic the human brain's ability to detect smells so that it can distinguish chemicals even among interfering smells. If one smell is overpowering the other It might still be able to tell that. It's there Wednesday. Intel announced the General Readiness of POA wiki springs a self contained neuromorphic system running on seven hundred sixty eight Louis. He chips available to researchers in the CLOUD INTEL CISCO WHO IKI springs is similar in neural capacity to the brain of a small mammal. So the first thing I thought here was just safety like industrial safety. Have certain situations where you're dealing with chemicals where it might not be immediately clear to a human brain that they're that things are raising to unsafe levels that that this would be a way to do it. A kind of a digital canary in a coal mine. Right are there any obligations that you can think of the top of your head? Yeah that's a really good one any kind of safety situation where where you're looking for leaks or spills any kind of security situation There's there's a lot of ego through the TSA here in the United States or any any security at an airport and they'll do those swabs and things because they're checking for chemicals this smell the ambient air and say well. Hey hold on We think we detect the faint odor of something. That shouldn't be in. Somebody's luggage and then you can. You can start checking around to find out where comes from. That's that's sensitive of a situation. Then you have where where you have to you have to look for. The actual molecules themselves yameen carbon monoxide. Alarms you know at least at least in California. You know it's it's you have to do it. It's it's a legality But eating or even in situations like that where there's something that is unsafe at a certain level but maybe you're burning a candle you know and you you just you aren't able to discern between that kind of thing having the technology to be able to be like where we are detecting something For a variety of things. That shouldn't be shouldn't be sniffed or just been around is pretty cool Amazon. Enclosed a small warehouse in Queens New York following a positive cove in nineteen tests by an associate associates at the warehouse were sent home with pay. As Amazon sanitizers the facility Amazon's et. It has increased sanitizing surfaces at facilities and staggered shift times among measures to prevent further spread the US National Institute of Health Says. The virus can stay.

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