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To the weekend stakes preview. On the horse racing radio network, presented by nyra bets. But here's animal kingdom with a big run animal kingdom has come from left and now he's in front into the stretch, decisive moment fighting hard. Those two together top town takes third up on the outside twins fired as gaining animal kingdom just ahead over decisive moment, but it is animal kingdom now drawing away he'll win the binary racing spiral by two decisive moments second then twin fired photo for four tap ten on a late run by beach Comey. Now here's Bobby Newman. Ah, the dulcet tones of Mike battaglia calling the 2011 grade three spiral. One by animal kingdom before he went on to win that year's Kentucky Derby. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira betts Bobby Newman and fresh out of the bullpen are good friend Jude fell to we got 13 big races to talk about on tonight's edition of the weekend stakes preview and Jude all 13 of those races are taking place tomorrow, including monster cards at both Gulf Stream and Oklahoma park. Yeah, it's just a fantastic day of racing. You got call stream. You've got aqueduct. You've got turfway. Derby preps at all three and just really good steaks and nice racing action in between the stakes. Lots of good stuff. Yeah, it should be a lot of fun. The road to the Derby goes through nyra bets and the Florida Derby this weekend. Naira bets Derby bankroll builder continues this weekend with the Florida Derby bet $50 to win on one horse and win or lose. You get a $25 bonus.

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