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Commercial building brought to you by, tiger hall because I really don't know anything. About commercial, I wanna talk a little bit too with you Morgan. About what it is, some of the stuff that CCA is. Doing that's, one, of the big questions that I get asked all. The time as everybody knows that CCA is my soapbox pushing. Trying to get more members all that stuff. Is really important to me and and a lot of people are always like you know what What is she doing I'm, not here I don't hear anything and it's not an organization that stands up and beats its chest. All the time you know the way, Daniel Andrews and Chris Kevin Chris Whitman are going after that thing and and. Rightfully so it's just different personalities at the top and and, I think that you know people need to people need to understand all the incredible things at CCA does I had an interesting when. When I did a little rant I don't know if anybody saw it and I know a, couple of people Just a little yeah A little CCA rant on social media there and Rufus Wakeman from over there and river palms cottages on the on the east coast, chimed in and said you know that CCA wasn't started as a. Water quality conservation group that, wasn't. Their whole MO right it's primarily to, advocate for recreational anglers but we can't do. That at this point if we're not paying, attention to water quality the problems that we've got a lot of. People don't see this we are for the. Entire state of Florida we've got thirtysomething. Chapters throughout. The state hold on, we're for the, nation? A. National organization correct. Correct I'm, I'm talking about CCA Florida in, terms of the reasons that we need. The membership like what you what you talk about so frequently is because you know. We see what's going on in our backyard. We're really concerned about red tide we're really concerned about what's happening with lake oh that's I mean that's in the face of everybody that's in south Florida we've. Also got water crises that we're trying to help out with in Appalachia coal because fisheries up. There completely shut down it has major negative impact not only on and this is going to be strange to to to hear. Say? Listen this is impacting commercial fishing negatively but it also impacts the environment negatively so we've got projects that run from Pensacola all the way down to key, west we deployed another artificial reef off Saint Lucy the other day. We're working and I know, that. We're not completely aligned with captains for, clean water on her outward stance on what's. Going on with the late but there were, two groups that need to work together because what we're saying is. Complimentary things and it doesn't mean that we're. Not always going to line up or. We're not. Going to line up, again in the, future? Right Hold on let me go to break but we'll. Spend onto this more because I wanna I. Wanna stir that pod a little bit and and it's good stuff so by good friend Morgan Lynch with CCA Hillsborough county by good friend tiger Hoffman was south. Shore anglers creating a bunch of quality conversation.

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