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Management do it yourself save the cost and here's what the class had to say hey ha ha ha yet lake it is just bowl show vick here's here's what i've learned in researching this all right now the minute you think you know everything in this world somebody about eight years old comes in slaps yup sided ad and ugo cheese why didn't i know that so wants take this load fun thanks on doing my research for the show today and and i say this headline does your target dates series have fantastic underlying funds and then a nice little graphic and so i clicked on it i'm going to get ads all over the place now from every financial person in the world is i clicked on something financial right and here is what i learn thirteen of the underlying funds by by the way morningstar this is morningstar data this isn't coming from me they looked at more than eight thousand eight thousand mutual funds they found forty three that met there fantastic funds list 43 of those forty three fantastic funds in their target date fund a series how many of them were from vanguard the largest noload fund the company the margin of largest fun governing period zero again it's not to say that vanguard doesn't have good funds at a not my point at all i love vanguard they're fantastic i'm just telling you i'm given you the facts because the kids told me so they said it was bowl how many from fidelity i think there the second largest everybody knows fidelity for crying out loud zero how many from another noload company t rowe price i think they're number three two out.

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