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So go do that like right. Now. All right. Welcome back to the podcast. So if you go to EDS surge, the website Ed surge, it's a pretty cool news kind of information, educational information website. You'll see an article there. A gaming is not just for kids what educators need to know about east sports written by myself. And by Steve ISAACs who's been is podcast in and we, we wanted to write. We were asked to write about east for its because the international the Doda to tournament was on in Vancouver. And that was kind of the the thing that got them thinking about it. But we, we took this opportunity to really, you know, let teachers know about, you know, just the basics of sports because so many people don't. Right. They don't even know what it is. Yeah, right. So we wanted to kind of let them know that it's a real deal that it's a thing. That their kids are constantly playing these games and they should, at least you know, have some sort of a wariness of of what these games are and how big this scene really is and that this is the future, right? Big type future. Yes, I've been. It's it's corporately sponsored now. I mean you writing you could get like you talked about in a previous episode is you could get sponsored to do this. Yeah. And I mean, it's not small amounts of money either. And even like we talk about how twitch the the main platform for streaming video games. Like the net flicks of game video watching basically was sold to Amazon for just under a billion dollars like Salt Lake so much money. Yes, that is like it's a legit business in and you. You're starting to get scholarships to to to US universities were there are forming east sports teams. For for different games and then competing. Like there is a guarantee you in the next five years. That will be an NC double a.. I don't know what game it'll be. It could be over watch I. It will be televised. It will be highly monitored by Doritos sponsored by diet mountain dew, diet mountain, you integrate..

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