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Yeah let. Let's come back to two and he released a video earlier on this week so giving an update on how things with going those the first time anybody heard from him speaking publicly since the needs to be positive test was announced and he didn't sound totally healthy and firing all cylinders. He sounded exactly like a person who's had to sort of model. We hope case of corona virus would expect a bit under the weather but you know he seems fairly upbeat but yet how how badly or how much as appropriate for repeated word. How much do you think that impacts his performance this weekend having to recover from from the owners. I think it's definitely something that has to be taken into account and talking to people who've had covet and i think even for drivers i believe space salon strauss today for example about the impacts of long covert. I think they call it in. Covid falcons sort of the idea of the even off detests negative. And you're clear this still just the after affects just take a while to to wear off and here people sort of taking weeks to shake out of that though beat that we find then three or four o'clock in the afternoon though just field so tied out of energy completely and it's also the author impacts of and lewis obviously is i mean he's as anything so his body will be well conditioned to not back as much as possible from covid. Same goes for long straw. I mean he's a he's an elite level athletes. his body will be of trained to deal with anything thrown at it but if he's still feeling the impacts that really does say a lot. So it's it's really hard to know. I think that lewis will probably want things go smoothly as possible and just back to normal this weekend. But i think we've got maybe just understand if he's not sticking vol position behalf second dominating the rice

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