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This story. Caught my eye. Donovan mcnabb. Former longtime Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had a Cup of coffee with the Redskins. And I think the Vikings to right corners. The vikings. He tells TMZ sports, of course that he is a hall of Famer quote, my number speak for itself by numbers are better than Troy Aikman, but he has Super Bowl rings and he played with hall of famers as well. I'm not saying something down. Mcnabb has had some issues away from the game since he retired Courtney. But is he a hall Famer I would say, yes, I think he was one of the best quarterbacks of his generation. I mean threw for two hundred thirty four touchdowns over thirty seven thousand yards. He played in the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl but played in the Super Bowl. All the years the eagles made the NFC championship game because I feel like the pro football hall of fame. Like at the end of the day. That's really all it is. It's a museum. I like museums. But to enjoy museum there has to be things in there for you to view. So like for me, it's not a big deal of someone is a borderline hall of Famer like you've always had this argument about ally. Manning hall of Famer is not a hall of Famer corny I'd say put him in put him in. So the guy is close to getting in eventually he should make it. And I just think McNabb. If you look at the overall body of work, I think is good enough to be in there. He made it to the NFC championship five times and. Yeah. Made it to the Super Bowl once it's not easy. I think people like way honestly, they way Super Bowl appearances in Super Bowl wins, probably a little bit more than they should if I if I can go out on a limb and say that I think, you know, the, the compares in here with Troy Aikman. He's really been a dog on a bone about Aikman probably because Troy got in on a first ballot hall of fame in two thousand six and their numbers are very similar, but it's not this whole TMZ thing in that he said that the other day, that's not the first time that that's happened which is interested in that, that's the comparison. And that's the level he wants to be judged at similar stats in the same number very similar number of games played McNabb. I mean didn't have Emmett Smith though in, in his backfield. So I mean he rushed for two thousand four hundred forty three yards more than Troy Aikman. And I think the interesting stat here is like you were talking about the level of play at which he did Edie Edie plate of game consistently. He's one of four. Quarterbacks with more than thirty thousand passing yards. Two hundred touchdown passes three thousand rushing yards in twenty rushing touchdowns. There's three other quarterbacks all three are in the hall of fame that have that Fran tarkenton John Elway and Steve Young. I mean is he a first ballot guy? Maybe I don't. But, but I mean there's just too much is put into that as well. I mean if as long as a guy eventually goes in, then I'm fine with that. I don't want someone waiting twenty five years. That's too long, but McNabb should go in, in, in a couple of years. And that's the end of it. I mean you can't you can't write the story. This is always the litmus test for me, Courtney like can you write the story of the NFL from this year to this year without mentioning this player? Can you talk about the NFL from two thousand to two thousand ten two thousand eleven maybe without without Donovan McNabb having a very prominent part of your? Story. And I think the answer to that is no. I think Donovan McNabb in that generation in his era was a player that played it a hall of fame level. So I don't know why I don't know why people would be up tight about letting him in. I think not wanting a Super Bowl was unfortunate. He did have the vomit on the field in Jacksonville out that was the first rule I ever covered thirty nine he didn't play great t the best player on the field that day for the eagles. But regardless, what he did for that. Franchise way different the NFL no matter what's happened since off the field. I think the guy should be in many brought through he kind of carried through a generation of quarterbacks that had that multi-facetted part of their game. The Michael vick's Donovan McNabb you're going to be putting all those guys in the same category. Just in terms of what they were able to do on the field that sometimes maybe we looked too much into statistics. Maybe we looked too much into, you know, individual Super Bowl wins when you're not looking at the supporting cast around. Him. I mean yeah he had a really a couple of really good teams in Philadelphia. There's no denying that. But to say that he had exactly what Troy Aikman did in all those years, that, that the Cowboys went to the Super Bowl in one off three of them in all three appearances. I just don't think that's a fair argument. It's, it's that was a different time. That was a different team. And I guess if he wants to look at traffic, men's numbers. That's cool. But Aikman, I mean, talk about a no brainer. I mean, coordinating the way he played in those Super Bowls members who were both he won for the Cowboys. You knew he was going in. So I don't think anyone needs to question the legitimacy of Troy Aikman's hall of fame credentials. I don't think that's what McNabb is getting at per se. But he definitely isn't portraying Aikman in the most positive light weight thoughts about him. Sure, why if they had some sort of beef that I wasn't aware of. I mean Detroit's say something about McNabb when he was playing for the Redskins and a FOX telecast that rubbed McNabb the wrong way. I, I dunno also too is, you know, look, I think at the end for McNabb it wasn't great. The Washington thing was kind of a disaster. Remember there was that whole contract fake contract, where it's ninety million dollar contract. And he turns out like four million was guaranteed or something like that, so yeah, it ended poorly for him. But for most players, it usually ends fairly poorly. There's very few guys that right out on the sun under the sunset like how Tom Brady is going to end his career probably. When I look at what, what did I'm sorry. What McNabb did with the eagles with Andy Reid all those NFC championship appearances? And if that's not a hall of fame, caliber type career, I'm not sure what is well, it's interesting to factor in the Aira he played in versus the era that Troy Aikman play it. And I think that that's. Huge thing that you have to consider when you're looking at who's a first ballot hall of Famer who's going to get into hall of fame period. So like think about the two thousands and the generation that he played in so you know, towards the end of his career as you were mentioning two thousand ten eleven somewhere around there, Tom Brady Peyton Manning, Ben Rothlisberger Philip rivers, Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan all those guys have been instill are outside of Peyton Manning under center, planning quarterback do all of them deserve to get into the hall of fame. I'm not sure so I think that if you're and I mean, I know that you probably not going to judge this based on the next group to get in early guys that are still playing, but I think that you should to a degree I think that he should be judged amongst the guys that came before him. And the ones that are still playing the guys like Tom Brady was gonna, you know, it's an obvious one, but there's some of those other names, Philip rivers, Matt Ryan, do they deserve to be in the conversation, too. Philip rivers should be in the hall of fame. There's no doubt about it. Statistically speaking, I mean if they're all in that same category. I'm with you. I think that, you know honor the game games best, I think that sometimes we try to quantify this by making it so elite that, you know, it's not honoring guys who were just on the cusp of that. I mean if they helped write the story of the NFL in that area, they deserve to be in consideration. Absolutely more. On the NBA and the Eastern Conference finals coming up next Dickerson hood, this is ESPN radio.

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