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So I might have to call y'all back and giving you update, but. It don't look that bear. That bad. Hell any looks pretty good. But this Budweiser Jim bean beer. Ain't that bad. I don't know. I don't know. If you guys got down here, we get strange up here in Canada. Have you have you heard of that Jim beam? Budweiser beer. It's different. Anyway, got the LA. Well, appreciate the fact that that was a little bit of a therapy session. Travis we he talked himself from the beginning of the call to the end of the call into the fact that he liked it. And not only did he talk himself into the fact that he liked it. He talked himself into the fact that it looked good. That's might be one of my favorite costs. I mean, he was Fugard that that. Oh boy. Right. There was I mean, he was full blown that was cloud cover. There was no partly cloudy to it. I bet his next morning was a hurricane. Forget partly cloudy. A full blown storm event came through his brain next morning. The room was spinning for him the next morning big time big time. And I like how he so he says it's Budweiser and bean combined that is a redneck cocktail of epic proportions might have to try that. I almost got one this past week. And when I was in Tallahassee opted not. Two-night now. Now seeing this call I wish I would have. So I could've added some information to it. Well, I'm going to LSU Alabama what you're going to LSU Alabama. So we might just have to try to find one of those. What do you call it? Budweiser copper or something copper lager and has seen the logo has like Jim bean like on her to all right. I'm gonna try. I'll try Mike my goal this week in life is try that Kobe, and I will report back, and I need you guys to continue the phenomenon continue San and Travis and me, your what can y'all got Kobe's? We love to see him hashtag. What can y'all got at Marty? Smith ESPN at Travis rock hold. And I forward them on any you guys who are participating in. This can see I'm showing the whole free world these awesome beers. And it is just I don't know why. I just love to study the cans my whole fridge. I got a fridge downstairs in. In my basement imaginary with all my football helmets and NASCAR memorabilia and whatnot. I have so many different interesting kinds of local Charlotte beers where I live because I mean, if I'm going to have one I'm going to have a real good one. If I'm gonna have fifteen at a tailgate or something they and I'm going something domestic lighting cold. You know, if we have this beer in LSU, this is for work. So I'm allowed to technically be on the clock when we're drinking. Then is that is that it works. Thank. So I think that works for me. Now that would probably be a question for Louise. But I think as far as I'm concerned if I was the boss, yes. And we're still trying to put together the mardi party fits program where Jason and I have a couple too many and call commentator football game. That is coming at some point. I'm thinking national championship. Why not let me I seems like as good a game as any I? Appreciate you guys listening. Thank you so much for being invested in this Marty. Smith's America podcast? It's the joy of our lives to get to do it. We'll get to hang out people like Chipper Jones. Thanks so much Chipper for his Larrea, storytelling. His great insight on the game where he believes the game is right now. And just just getting spend time with guy like him a legend who I've watched place since I was in high school and thanks to Travis. Appreciate you getting Chipper Chivers. Does a great job guys. Getting us all some guests. Thanks to Louise who still crazy enough to keep putting us out there to keep allowing us to to make this.

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