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Eight eight two five six ten eighty the phone number. Of course, you can send your emails to fish at AO at g mail, excuse me. T O fish at g mail dot com. We'll get your emails to the Texas fishing and outdoor show. I mentioned Veterans Day yesterday. I told you a few of the things that we are thankful for from our veterans today. I have a did, you know, should I make it a trivia question? It's tempting. Akia decide trivia question or just lay it out. There is did you know? Your call. Laid out. All right. Did you know why Veterans Day on the eleventh? Veterans stays on the eleventh because on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour armistice was signed for World War One. And therefore we have Veterans Day or Armistice Day. Previously known as Armistice Day on the eleventh of November every year, and the poppies you may remember, I don't see him anymore. You don't see very many of them anymore. Maybe maybe around the VFW or or something like that. You might see some guys wearing poppies on their on their shirt. Little little button ears on their shirt. My Granddad wore one every every Veterans Day. Two things first of all to more on the right side of the breast at about eleven o'clock. If you if you imagine your your chest is a clock face on that right side would be about eleven o'clock. Symbolizing the eleventh hour. Secondly, the flower itself, the red stands for the blood of those lost the black stands for the morning of the people who would not have their loved ones returning from the war and the green stands for the planting. If you will of the future moving forward from World War One just a little thing did, you know, eight eight eight two five six ten eighty again a beautiful Veterans Day. Thanks to all of the folks who served and provided us the opportunity to mess around and talk fishing on the weekends. My goodness. How fortunate are we lake reports? We've got him or guide your standing by. We're going to be going out to them and just a couple of minutes. We'll be getting those updates on the lakes to lake level too late clarity the temperatures. The oh my goodness. It's cold outside. How do I catch a fish? And by the way, speaking a cold outside. And how do I catch a fish saw boats going out this morning and saw the trucks pulling the UTV's ATV's and all the other VP's and going out to the woods. Are you? You headed to the lake or the.

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