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To go? First why don't you go first on. This, I'll go first Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin I am not the biggest Cam. Newton fan in the world by any stretch I. Think that he is overrated as a player I think he's a front runner and I. Don't like much about him on the field I, don't mind them celebrating and all that stuff but it, does bother me when things are going poorly that the first place to look for Cam Newton is on. The bench with a towel over, his head and generally that's where he is but I'm taking his, side in, this Kelvin Benjamin thing in case you know Kelvin Benjamin a couple of days ago said if I could have been drafted, by any other, team with any other quarterback any other quarterback I would have been in. A much better situation a quarterback that's accurate I would have been an. It's so hilarious because he named Chelsea. Manning Yeah No. Offense but like start a lot of. Interceptions that's not the name you think of first when you come to? Accurate And then so he said what he said okay he went after. Cam Newton Cam last night before the. Panthers play the bills in a preseason game. Goes up to Benjamin on the sideline he's. Not trying to start a, fight he's trying? To just talk for a minute, talking face to face and Benjamin wasn't having he kept walking away from you know what if you're gonna open your mouth have the guts to sit, there and talk to the guy, directly that for me that was just gutless and week on the part of Kelvin Benjamin this is I agree with. You, but I'd like to know if there was a thought to have a conversation off the. Field away from the cameras yeah because we know about Cam and the cameras we do and how much he loves them I wonder if there, was a. Thought to have a conversation off the. Field and whether or not Cam would do that cut short on time What are you really fast I love this this is. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer who has this headline on their latest NBA column quote Lonzo ball and Lakers at the q. on November twenty first Sub-headline former Cav James also expected. To You know what he deserves that a, little bit for leaving them for LA but I have, no problem with him going to LA but I thought that was having a. Little fun at little mini troll job I like that. Very much very much That will, do it for. Us thank Jay? Glazer today we will be back as we said Monday one, o'clock live from ocean resort casino in Atlantic City good, job outta marash and I forgot your name Pauli Pauli Pauli rose a burden..

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