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To escape shot two women they fortunately didn't dial though they're in critical condition the shooter then walks out of the restaurant and is shot dead by a law abiding gun owning citizens florida's so why is nobody think about it that way is that not reasonable to say hey maybe i'll keep my gun so i could actually prevent another shooting of another human being if that happened to happen before my eyes of if i happen to be in a situation where that pops off i can be the one to stop it instead you're going to give up your gun and say this is my way of stopping it because i'm setting an example right gotcha it's it's crazy i i can't get with that line of thinking for some reason charles is on the line what's up well i was gonna tell you there's something that the average person doesn't know about these cheaters when they're under the age of eighteen for these mass shootings first of all you might know this one the supreme court ruled that if you commit a crime under the age of eighteen you're judgmental skills you're you're a logical links we're not formed yet and you may not receive the death penalty but the equal justice initiative in alabama in a horrendous case for fourteen year old brutally murdered someone in lawrence county has nice evan miller he's in saint clair prison it went to the supreme court that that that he had got life without parole the person that the other individuals involved turned him in and so had the possibility of parole but here's what happened i argued that also if you could not put someone tadeusz because their neurological links that having them serve laugh without parole was also curling than usual punishment and they they where he gets reviewed to be able to have you know perot that and if i'm correct about.

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