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So what comes under track though j so what but still he walks looking rates but if you're you're on carter it doesn't mean you got one of our young europe energy girls scenarios genuine your thirdstring quarterback is playing on an nfl william while you're stretching quarterback is walking around with a clipboard with here's why doesn't make sense though why would what are the patriots have to gain by giving up garoppolo this year if they're going to take him back next year what did the patriots have to gain eager to see what is going to get paid on the open fuel that's why you turned down the offer that he was given over they lose their insurance policy in lake if brady gets hurt against the titans of saturday the patriots are not beating the steelers with brian hoyer as their quarterback who would have had a chance with garoppolo so you theory falls apart where the patriots don't gain anything by another geared they are fairly but it's business to garoppolo are to is coming back j at that we're getting an answers i love conspiracy theories i really do but the whole idea and we got ta like half a dozen at least of these calls last night this whole idea that there's some master plan there's some quidproquo for garoppolo to come back to the patriots just makes no sense whatsoever why would the patriots have dealt him in the first place and why would the niners have given up a second round pick form there are going to get answers we didn't i'm disappointed scott in westford please try to cheer me up norton great you know what reema i'm glad you let off with that because fear is no sharon you up i don't know why you're show we've just seemed like you're so angry that people either if well or or you get mad because you can't figure out why something happening when just maybe it's just because i mean there's no reason why made i'm looking for answers scott emma journalist i want the truth no you don't want you want something that's going to show because the fact of the matter is is just day that whole thing just.

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