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Search for loved ones after hurricane dorian continues online and in moscow voters head to the polls to elect citywide officials but the ballot is missing more than two hundred names we hope for the liberation fresh russia from this people will want to be celebration for our city. We also remember today african strongman robert mugabe shop with vip around the world and also remember him for his cruelty towards me in particular the number of people who have died because of his <music> obsession with power and if you're in europe say goodbye to that i'm marco werman. The stories are more for today here on the world all week. We've been following the slow violent path of hurricane dorian today. It continued battering the carolinas. It's now heading up our way to massachusetts with rain and wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour but that is minor compared to what hit the bahamas. The picture of the devastation is hard to wrap. Your head around towns look like they were bombed. Thousands are are homeless and dozens of people have lost their lives officials in the bahamas fear. The number of dead will soar. We expect the numbers to be you guys doing as for the missing people are looking for relatives and loved ones at the website dorian. People search is being run by vanessa pritchard ansel from the capital. It'll nassau where she lives and works. We caught up with her earlier today. Hi it's marco werman in boston lovely to meet. You lovely meet you how are you. I'm all right. How are you i'm. I'm the bag of emotions so actually it's. It's really hard to answer that but you know i i'm located did on new providence. We we barely got a surface scratch. We got wins theater and some rain and there was some flooding but when you look at the big picture i'm it's it's nothing athene in comparison to what our northern family being abacus in grand bahama endured <hes> and are still very much enduring. I have nothing to complain about really. Will you created a vanessa the website dory and people search dot com. What will what was a need that you identified to build the site and how are people using it was sunday tonight. I and the storm was was hitting. It was really the first night that darkness would've fallen on avocado and i realized realized where i saw on various social media pages people asking for the whereabouts their loved ones that were in the passive dorian and i realized there was no central location for a place where people can go and ask ask this who is actually listing the missing persons are these people who are trying to find join their loved ones this. These are people who are trying to find their loved ones. There is the ability to also input a person in as critical evacuation. We've streamlined into our communications with the canadian consulate here in the bahamas as well as the american embassy here in the bahamas <hes> when someone is marked as critical evacuation ration- we ask further nationality <hes> they those embassies and consulates now get a automatic email so that allows us a faster response time in terms of evacuation. What have you compiled in terms of sheer numbers like how many people are listed as missing so you're the first news outlet what i'm sharing real time data with because we're now in the position really to do that so we have six thousand seven hundred and fourteen entries as if i wanna say fifteen minutes ago.

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