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A free adjustable base when you spend 6 99 during the President's Day sale here, it mattress firm. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes hard. Let's get right to the weather forecast Joining us now Meteorologist End of war Going through the rest of the day. Laurie, we're going to see bright Ning. West of the city. The heavier clouds were certain to Finn is you get in the very far western mass area to western Connecticut, and I think we'll see some brightening west of the city. The South Coast Cape of the island's probably stays dreary er, although they get the benefit of being up in the low to mid fifties today, I think We'll stay in the low forties in the city. No load of mid forties near the city and then farther west and north. Upper thirties to low forties of best Today, everything that melts and is wet and slushy is going to freeze back tonight, Folks. It's going to get down into the twenties again by daybreak. Cold dry with some sunshine tomorrow on Lee getting up to near 30, and then it's colder. It's cold, and it's snowy. Looks like middle a day. Thursday arrival continuing Thursday night, Right now we're saying 48 inches for greater Boston with more likely north and west of 4 95 that don't see some mixing. We think we're going to see The city and coastal areas for this second storm again later Thursday into Friday. Details coming up Bob Larson as the next live report. Thank you with meteorologist in DeVore WBZ Boston's NewsRadio 18. Thank you Raining and Plymouth words. 51 degrees New Bedford 55. Wister Foggy and 36 degrees Boston brightening and we had a lot of rain. It's 11 55. The forecast brought to you by revised. Hello, Massachusetts. This is Olympic medalist Nancy Carrigan. My friends it revised to provide you with home energy state. Things through massive with no cost led light bulbs in 75%, or more off insulation visit call. Revised calm to revise the way you say Drop kick go! Dropkick Murphys have announced the date of their next show and went on ST Patrick's Day,.

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