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Night live jon lovitz of the critic if you never saw the comic critic that the the the the show the gosh cartoons enough common the cartesian critic spectacular spectacular spectacular television just fantastic well jon lovitz got involved in a conversation about scarlett johansson no they're not romantically linked because if they're romantically linked i'm sorry i'm gonna i'm to be more of that mccowan the twelve eighteen the cask whatever i can get my hands on i'm going to need the the story is that scarlett johansson is is making a movie and in the movie she plays a female to male transgender massage parlor owner let's that's that's one heck of a description right there and people are upset that she is the part that she's playing this part she's also producing the movie from what i know and they think it's wrong it's wrong that that scarlett johansson is playing this transgender person because well how could you possibly do that she doesn't need the money she says somebody who's transgender playing the part if she really cared and someone who is known as a rain of april on twitter who has one hundred thirty five thousand followers by the way a senate scarlett johansson is not hurting for money she's in the marvel cinematic universe is about to get her own film black widow i didn't know they were going to a black widow film okay she is also a well established actress so she doesn't need the increased profile so why would you take work away from a trans actor hashtag oscarssowhite jon lovitz enters and proceed leads to answer every question and comment sent his way and he responds that because it's called acting it's her project she's producing and she's well known like you said so she can sell tickets and she's a great actress to which april response none of that means she take opportunities away from marginalized communities john in fact all that explains why she can and should step aside jon lovitz response it's a business the movie wouldn't get financed otherwise plus director has a vision of his film i respectfully disagree with.

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