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Everyone thinks I'm going to be biased so I've trying always trying very hard to be as neutral and impartial as I can. Actually it's easier when you're on there. It's actually easier cuz you are detached. From that more and more of a job. So I do find that a little bit easier than in real life. So when West Brom goes into halftime leading Chelsea three zero, I'm just projecting my own insecurities upon what I suggest television screen, is that right? Okay. So when was probably in Chelsea three little Hole Sun ultimately you guys cannot get away from the fact that I had an unbelievable footballing story. Okay, obviously, we know how it ended it didn't entry nail. So you guys can show you are still much better in the second half your rubbish and the first provide you with my my role on television is Sergio, right? That's what I'm setting up setting stories. I'm selling shows I'm setting make sure you watch the second half and people have to understand and my job to reflect. This is a great great story that we've got our hands and yeah, I did I went to a club it's renal down to a a club. One of the favorites be relegated at halftime. That's a big story and I kind of loved big stories guys, right? I think I think I am. People don't understand that about TV personalities if there is any bias, it's too biased towards momentous things happening, but I guess what happened in the second half was equally as momentous. What do you think flip for Chelsea at halftime, Hey, that's a good question. I mean, I think French camp out at half time. I mean if you well first of all with we're led to believe he and Marcos Alonso had a massive falling out which is very interesting Frank Lampard. I used to interview probably interviewed of I don't know fifty sixty seventy times over the years when I was in the UK, he is a really I was describing as a little bit icy. And I know that that doesn't sound like the Frank Lampard off of people a lot of Chelsea fans you to watch but with the media and I can see and I certainly saw that side of a Spazzy a number of times that I was interviewing him. He is incredibly strong maybe that's a better word for it. And as I think we've seen with a number of his Chelsea decisions that he's made just as being manager. There is no messing about with Frank Lampard. He knows his own mind and he is not afraid to make harsh decisions and I think that he just said It's on the wrong side of them at halftime in that dressing room. He obviously went ballistic and that's what caused a major reaction the second half. He is England loves him English football. I love that. He's one of those players that never upset other other than West Ham fans. He never upset other teams. He was always a really good player for England. Everybody loves him. But as a as a manager and actually as a person who is stealing and I think that in that dressing room at halftime that game that obviously has to come out because his team needed a bear that second-half. That's an interesting perspective because most fans their connection to Frank lampard's wage on.

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