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Want. And when you want it from once a month to every six months, that's what I do for Dollar Shave Club shampoos, plus with their handsome discount, the more you buy the more you save. They've got a bunch of starter sets. You could try for only five dollars after that. The restock box ships regular size products at regular price. So get your starter set for just five dollars right now at dollarshaveclub dot com slash are. Once again, that's dollarshaveclub dot com slash R M or you can visit the radio shows website our world travel dot com and look under sponsors for. Direct link. Live around the globe. It's time for your world. Travel connection with Robert Mary Carey and Rudy maxa the SSI radio network. Eight hundred three eight seven eight oh, two five that's one eight hundred three eight seven eight zero two five visit us online at memorial traveled dot com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram fat are M world travel. And now, welcome to America's number one travel radio show. Well, great having each and every one of you here with us today everybody this is our m world traveling from coast to coast, the candidate with proud to be your home for everything and anything in the world of travel, and we thank you for helping us be the nation's top travel radio program. Well, we'll get another busy show a headed right now. Mary a look things over we've got a lot of different travel news to share results of the latest. Polls are pretty interesting our one show rundown. And of course, there's always Yonge back in the update it's been an interesting week. So let's hold John Jackson. And then Mary. Well, do the rundown. Those polls are interesting I'm looking for it's to tonight, it's about let me do the rundown and let you all know what's coming up in just a few minutes. We will delve into the innovation going on behind the scenes that hotel companies to keep us loyal as Mark Weinstein of Hilton joins us with some insights really joins the show from his home studio in Minnesota at the bottom of the hour. And he'll be speaking with Charles McPherson about why butlers are more demand now than ever Bryan. Young. We'll share how losing weight paid for his upcoming anniversary trip to Italy, and.

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