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Twenty four seven news center. The university of Washington is mourning the loss of a former football standout and current athletic department academic coordinator rod Jones, he died yesterday at the age of fifty four Jones worked in the athletic department for nearly two decades. He was a member of the nineteen Eighty-four Washington squad that finished the season eleven one in defeated Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. He would go on to play professional football for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seattle Seahawks head football coach Chris Peterson said in a statement, the university of Washington football family, lost one of its own on Saturday. Rod was a committed husky, and we are deeply saddened by the tragic passing. He will be missed sorely by our student athletes, are coaches and staff and the impact he left on our program. We'll never be forgotten. No word yet on service. Arrangements Leavenworth today. Celebrated the life of JBL M soldier killed last month. Sergeant Leandro hustle was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan on November twenty fourth. He was on his third deployment Afghantistan after enlisting in the army. Hustles funeral service was held this morning at cascade high school in Leavenworth. Seatac tech city hall is stunned after the tragic death of a newly appointed seatac city council woman Amina amid an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights died in a car crash yesterday. Komo's Patrick Quinn talk with her friends or coping with this sudden and tragic loss to an official. They were in the middle of planning a Amenas meet-and-greet as a newly elected city council member. That's when they got the news that their former boss, and friend is gone. She's lost or just hours after her death. Her friends. Remember, Amina Ahmed woman. Advocate. And that's why I am who I am today. Steps. Other follow around one o'clock amino was killed in a head on collision on south one eighty eighth street in seatac Amina lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice for immigrants and refugee rights. And in October was appointed to the seatac city council. People come to say why you wanted to organize all this. We all have equal rights. We need to stand together. Her loss is resonating to the city. She had such big plans for and yet while gone Amina on its impact or continue to live on that. Meet ingred is still on for December twenty first it will be a time to honor the life of Amina Ahmed, investigators are treating a fire at a Jehovah's Witness church and Lacey's a possible hate crime. This is the incident at a south sound Jehovah's Witness kingdom hall just this year. Well, it's been here for a long time. It's.

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