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Stain double your TLP news. 8 48. Let's go to Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All righty, thanks, John and we're going straight into Maryland if you're traveling 50 tour these two short rich apparently a lot of folks are on what will be a gorgeous Saturday. It's going to be slow, once you pass bay Dale and heading eastbound toward the Chesapeake Bay bridge where now three lanes are traveling across the bay and eastbound direction, but slowdowns with volume and stevensville as well, Queenstown at the three O one split and toward why mills, no incidents just a lot of volume. Now if you were heading westbound toward the way I have nothing in your way inside of the beltway, westbound slows toward the light of bladensburg road, no incidents have been reported, but watch coming inbound New York avenue out. After South Dakota may have a new incident outbound on New York avenue at the light of Blaine's burger just before report is a disabled vehicle watch for help there. We're checking now across the Potomac. It was inside of the beltway on the George Washington Parkway running southbound heavy and slow after the overlooks before the key bridge where a spout run would merge in, and that is the report now of an accident, 95 in Virginia, slow going from Dale City all the way through much of staffer county a lot of summertime volume, easy pass express lanes points southbound. It's the D.C. huddle sponsored by MGM national harbor visit bet MGM sportsbook and lounge at MGM national harbor today to make your sports opinions count, married to pump a WTO traffic. And here's storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. July 30th and it is looking beautiful today. Not only beautiful but comfortable. Temperatures in the mid top are 80s today

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