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Is really just home easy revenge oh and i don't think it's going to stand up but that doesn't mean we won't there wouldn't be a long slog between now but medical didn't colmey set up in when colmey released his testimony the day before through the senate intel committee and during the hearing didn't he say play clearly i saw that there's no abs obstruction of justice from from trump that there was no campaign to stop this hearing to stop this it's not even a court case and didn't the intel guys from the let's see the defense and national security intelligence guys say that the there was never any effort from the administration from the white house to block their own investigations i mean i see whereas address i actually i know i take it back i don't see where any obstruction of justice here call me said the intel guys said if i don't have any time she said end up but but again larry i think you have to separate russia and plant life think kony me is making the argument that there was obstruction of justice on clay now i think mike on not interrupting and contradict him but actually colmey said that was going to be up to me alerted driver and i think larry right i mean there had been any number of points made during this process that that there were many other ways that trump could it impeded in various investigation any didn't do tell i mean in fact the only thing we know he did according to the he said he had thing when it colmey petty act ask him to back off basically harsh punishment for his friend michael flynn which i think of course all this is in the eye of the beholder at some point but it that is true loath people would be needed fired a guy lost his job and at that time trump did know i think it had engaged in other extracurricular put turkey and so forth so all continnue wasted a couple of live about his conversations with the russians and that pretty meagre grow seem to me right but but but i would i would would you on the way that the language that cold me you grows in intensity and sinister intent in his prepared remarks on the flynn issuer ethos trip trump made a request he made.

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