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A billion dollars in say is sit there and give them a gift and then wait on opening like you finish. I cannot make something could have you ever hair. People like have people give you some in instead. Sit there while you open like looking at your own top of it. They know damn before you open. It yet was no can match expectations of what's going just anyway. Happy birthday to oprah winfrey coming up coming up. More of the steve harvey morning show at thirty three minutes. After right after this you're listening to morning show in today's entertainment news. Some very sad news out of hollywood iconic and legendary actress. Cecily tyson has passed away. She was ninety six years old. Her manager larry thompson released a statement. Yesterday saying mrs. Cecily tyson has made her peaceful transition. Please allow the family their privacy as we all know. Mississippi tyson had roles in theatre film and television including the autobiography of miss jane. Pittman a woman called moses the king. Mlk story sounder and so the list goes on and on miss tyson was married. Yes yeah she was married. of course. Two miles davis from eighty one to nineteen nine hundred eighty eight throughout her career. She refused to play drug addicts prostitutes or any type of role that was demeaning to black women. She gained so much respect for that. Miss tyson was also one of the founding members of the dance theatre of harlem in two thousand sixteen president. Obama presented miss tyson with the presidential medal of freedom and freedom. The nation's highest civilian honour miss tyson passed away just days after her memoir was released. It's called just as. I am a memoir. Have to get this legend right and you know in in today of social media in an all you know we really we. You know we really know how to pay Amish till to our current stars you know people who all social lever relevant to date as sometimes we miss the legacy of our treasures. That made us who we all are today. you know. This woman was a trailblazer in every sense of the word. I mean if there was no cecily tyson. I don't know if you understand this. You get no oprah winfrey you you get no maya angelou you get. No you get no beyond say you know this. This is really how relevant of a figure this woman was and and and black women in this industry know this about her. And i i hope that they do it right even though it's tough because there's a lot going on but i don i. I hope people don't miss a real contribution to us as a people because she was doing it at a time where being was not popular cool or allowed. And that's what when you could become a black star star. Yes you better know your ass was doing something. She was special on a whole 'nother level man just a whole 'nother level grace and style and dignity way. She carried herself mary. Tyler perry Even in her later years pilot was a lot alike. And i was glad to see that coming up at forty nine minutes after the hour. Some closing remarks. From the one. And only steve harvey and it's our last break of the day. We'll talk about that as well right after this. You're listening to morning. Hey it's carla farrell. Here from the morning show on the iheart podcast network talking. At and t. We all want to be heard and when we're not it's frustrating. It doesn't matter what it is. Look you order a sandwich with extra extra avocados. Then you get the sandwich. Nothing not zip. Look you and i both know. Extra avocados is a weird request. An extra extra avocados is even weirder. But that's not the point you want to be heard and when you're not it doesn't feel good but you know who is listening and making changes though. At and t. They're doing whatever it takes to show. All of their customers voices are heard. So they're giving every customer both new and existing the same great deal argue hearing this no matter if you've been with them for ever or are you thinking about jumping over. Every single person gets that same amazing deal that means me that means you. At and t. Is listening to all of us. Check out smartphone pricing. That's fair for everyone at att dot com slash best deals restrictions apply. Show right guys here. We are last break of the day last break of the week first. Full week for a brand new president so far doing well these more than it did and folks so yes. Yes yes yes yes. What did he do every day. Trump tweeted and play golf. Yeah that's it that's it. Yes show when being played out and plotted on how he was going to win a second term. How'd that work out for you. Yeah all right see. You can send us off on a good weekend with your closing remarks. Well i just is is pretty much the same thing from me. I'm on a real tangent right now. All with staying focusing on twenty twenty one erasing twenty twenty. it's done. It was a lot of challenges for a lot of people for a lot of people. That was some great moments in it and the one thing about it is what's even right now for all of us no matter who you are is that we all can have the same level of hope for twenty twenty one because one knows what the future holds. That's that's a guarantee. No one is promised tomorrow. No one really knows the exact day to tell be called home. I mean not really for the most part. Of course i'm not talking about people who are terminally ill and things like that. But but even i've seen those situations get turned around with faith but i'm talking about all of us starting today. Have the opportunity to view twenty twenty one with the level of expectation and realizing that the law of attraction is in full effect whether you realize it live by understand it no it or acknowledge it it does exist and that you can start right now. Living your life in expectation that twenty twenty one can be the best year of your life you. There's nothing.

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