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Three jays headlining the tour. For the three days we could have been opening in for gene. That's funny was there. You guys were close to detroit to motown any influence in your Were you've been listening to at that. Time is so as a young kid. we were inundated Being from lasalle which is just a small community. Where i live for. I am right now. small community. Outside of windsor. It was very small back then But detroit is you know rock and roll city like kiss really nailed it when they were talking about detroit rock city because when we were growing up there was literally four. Q one of seven's in in detroit and it was just. It was everything. We all carry these little cards that standard that that said on it which was detroit rockers against all bisco and it was from radio station and they literally burn disco records in detroit tigers stadium. I don't know if you remember that but if you can look it up and you'll see it. Oh that was elected to go to a ball game. They did that was. Yeah yeah it was crazy. So i mean we grew up the top. Five hundred to one thousand rock songs ever right. So you're zeppelin's your pink. Floyd's your stones all of that. Once we got to high school mind you. They had a very good Public radio station. Wd et and that's where we really started to get into things that had more melody. We loved our zeppelin because the acoustic meets the electric the beatles. Of course things like that but it. It just lacked a lot of melody with the other types of band. So i don't want to throw anyone under the bus but that that classic rocker what we call classic rock now just didn't have enough. I guess i can say now Melody or or interesting. Vocalise ations type of melody. You know what i mean whereas the new ways of it was. It was very theatrical. It was very. I mean you could go. I mean take your pick and go from you. Know dr stuff flaked suzanne the band cheeser cure to lighter. Fluffier stuff like back. Not even lighter and fluffier. It's you know like your furs in your your your body man and water boys kinda yes. Sure yeah the water. It's much more melodic. So that's kind of where where we kind of ended up as a kid as kids in high school. Our Our sets that we were trying to sell to these dances and other high schools literally went from like led zeppelin to the jam to the who to the people didn't know there so and so the music of the suspects at the time did reflect what you guys are listening to know we were. We were primarily beatles more. Poppy rock stuff like journey things like that. I was literally in grades. Seven jefferson grades. Six out yeah. So it was we were. We were quite quite young I believe jeff's father in..

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