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You raise a really good point with the this idea of the peaks and valleys that you're getting with CJ Beathard. I think you're right that CJ Beathard best. A what we've seen from him. When he's at his best is a pretty impressive player, maybe not a long-term starter. But definitely has the tools to play in the NFL. However, his worst is pretty bad. And you know, the five turnover performance against the cardinals for the entire team is what what lost that game in CJ Beathard to obviously directly impact that turnover differential, and if neck Molins as you mentioned can just sort of be consistent, and maybe every once in a while make these big time throws one two maybe three a game cow Shanahan's gonna do the rest, and it's going to get guys open with average at best talent in Nick Molins, maybe the consistency there because I don't know that not I don't know the forty Niners. Don't see Nick Mullins yet as a long term option at quarterback. I doubt they ever will. But maybe this guy really is the deal. However, there is something to be said for sort of consistency in knowing what you're gonna get every week and being able to operate in within that knowledge and do everything else right to put the team in a position to succeed right now. Nick Mones is probably the guy that does that. I think in in that case should get the starting nod. But I don't know that you know, you're looking at this guy, even as a immediate backup long-term. There's still a lot to be seen there some stuff that he does. Well, there's some stuff that needs to get cleaned up. And perhaps what might be best is to just have Kyle Shanahan keep doing his thing. Yeah. I think the one area where Nick Mullins really impressed me was his performance against the blitz, and this speaks I think to something that fans have identified, and I think a little rightfully so which is the speed of processing or the mental processing that Nick Mullins displayed in this game that we haven't always seen from CJ Beathard it. I think it's a little difficult to to kind of unpack in discern really what it means. For a quarterback to have really really quick mental processing because I think that lots of times this gets thrown in lumped in with kind of like you're a dumb quarterback. You're a smart quarterback you, and I think sometimes honestly, this has racial overtones. You're black quarterback of your white quarterback. But I think that that mental processing for a quarterback is something that you can measure, and that is something that is there. And when you look at the performance against the blitz specifically, Nick Mullins, performed really really well didn't get blitzed a lot. He was blit six times..

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