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To carry three to supercoach northern at every restrictions apply some human traits that a link to sunlight may be influenced by a person's neanderthal forefathers according to a study published this week scientists to the max plan institute that evolution area anthropology in germany also confirmed that some neanderthal dna found in people of north african descent effects their skin and hair color they're not in any single direction the findings suggest neanderthals were already well adapted to low in fariab ah levels of sunlight in europe when in humans first right there from africa some fifty thousand years ago researchers looked at the genome of more than one hundred thousand britons who inherited dna from neanderthal australian police have seized a record haul of methamphetamine ingredient smuggled from thailand in t battles the australian federal police say to people were rested after the bust last month and as sydney sea cargo examination facility they say the liquid ephedrine could have been used to make up to three point five billion australian dollars or two point seven billion us dollars worth of methamphetamine the hall was said to be three point nine eight metric tonnes or four point three seven us tons the statement said australian border force officers detect of the shipment based on information from thailand more than one thousand cartons each contain 24 bottles labelled as ice tea but afp said around one third of the cartons tested positive for ephedrine the haul more than double the previous record seizure of precursor chemicals that the un australian border from four months ago a friendly wager on the outcome of the national league division series between the cubs and the nationals has been made between chicago mayor rahm emanuel and washington mayor muriel baazar emmanuel says he's wagering beer sausages and stakes passers betting beer and half smokes the losing meryl also make a donation to hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico buzzer says she is looking forward to enjoying some of chicago's most delicious treats while manual says there's no doubt last year's world series champion cogs will take the series that.

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