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So there was an intellectual hurdle that I had to get over in my own head about. Am I telling a story that's already been done to death? And the more I thought about it, the more I thought, okay, Philadelphia is really parochial. It's kind of gotten under the dome kind of sensibility if you're familiar at all with the area. So while people here might know the lower Marion story or a little bit more about the Italy side of Kobe's story, the rest of the country in maybe the rest of the world don't. And I really wanted to put Kobe in his in the proper sense of time and place, like the era of him being a teenager. The place of lower Marion. What is it about this community? What was it about this high school in some ways that allowed him to become who he was? It wasn't totally because of that. It wasn't totally that, he grew up in lower Marion, therefore, he adopted the mamba mentality. But that aspect of his story really appealed to me. Because, as you said, nobody had really gone that deep on it. You read stuff, and it's like, yeah, we played it lower Marion high school. Okay, well what does that mean? There are certain connotations to that. If you're familiar with the place of lower Marion township or the mainline on Philadelphia, there are certain kind of stereotypes and connotations that come up. But what was the actual history there? What aspects of his Kobe's story in that setting had not been told and how can I put him in his time and place in that spot to show how he became who he became? So let's talk about that. The family moves to lower Marion when he is 12. Yes. In December of 1991, he had just turned 13. Just turned 13, who is Kobe Bryant, you know, son of Joe Bryant, former NBA player who has now grown up mostly in Italy and has moved with his family at age 13 to the outskirts of Philadelphia, who is Kobe in that moment and what about that? Do you think does now inform us about the Kobe that we would all come to know? Well, in a lot of respects he's an outsider, okay? So he steps into the lower Marion community. He's not in high school just yet. He's he shows up at balakin with middle school in 8th grade and kind of the middle of the school year. He doesn't know what's cool. He doesn't know what kind of clothes to wear. What clothes are cool? What music is cool? What TV shows are cool. He doesn't know that everybody's watching the Cosby show or cheers or The Simpsons or listening to this kind of music or that kind of music..

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