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Very seriously it gets a tap on the shoulder and he and his wife roma like bet the farm all of their hollywood success a good portion of money and they do this series on the bible and most of you probably saw at one hundred million people tuned in to that show so anyway some of you hear it will create know that i have a bias in my ministry i think it's because of the effect that my father had on me my father was a business person he wasn't a pastor you didn't quite ever understand pastors very well but he was a christian and he was always trying to figure out how he could make a difference in his business or through is business through his influence for things that really matter and it will also something that i've tried to do all throughout the years is that tried to remind people in business or whatever their vocation is you don't have to be a pastor to make a difference you could make a difference where you are you can take the skills the talents the abilities the influence that you have and you can do something extraordinary right where you are and this is what mark burnett is in the middle of doing right now so again mark thanks for coming and i want to ask you a couple of questions that i put together but also these are some questions that have come in via the twitter feed and let's go back to the beginning will cover this very serious very quickly your business in the us started by selling tshirts on the beach literally you did this.

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