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What this looks like. He just goes right for it. It feels it off the wall and hung a calls it hungry artist. It took some work for this guy to find. The banana was removed from public display after our basil concluded earlier this week and relocated to a gallery. The tuna was also given incredible leeway for the sunny actually conversed with several patrons who are treating his efforts with utter seriousness. Because this was in fact a work of art. Catalan worked on his art for a year. According to the press release from the gallery. ALARY catalans banana was being exhibited for sale. The Gallery Clinton has sentimental value to the artist. Apparently the good news is that it's easy to replace the banana shocking. You can get headed for under a dollar anywhere in the United States so it don't worry it's hard though it's definitely definitely art. It's not the decline of art is not that incline of Western civilization. It's not the fact that we have too much much money. Apparently being held by like you WanNa turn turn me into a Bernie Sanders Socialist. Someone one hundred twenty thousand dollars for banana tape to duct tape the wall that that'd be the answer. Radars radars solid stuff there. Yeah the death of art definitely has taken place in real time. Which is why you go to modern art museum? You're like Oh my kid could paint that right you're could paint at. This is correct because art has been completely separated from skulls. The message of the art that matters the message in once the art becomes about the message not about the actual art. The art is supposed to be universal. Sense that it's supposed to have meaning for everyone who takes a look at us. You know what this means this duct tape banana to a wall. It means that everyone is a moron. So I guess the chiefs that affect achieve that purpose the art critic by the way over at the New York Times defended this thing and said no no no. It is indeed art a grudging defense of the one hundred and twenty thousand dollar Banana Jason. Farrell says art may be long in life short but the existence of a hand. Fruit is most ephemeral ephemeral of all this week at Art Basel Miami Beach The Art World Premiere Champagne steeped swap meet no works for more grins guffaws in southeast than a new sculpture. Call it a sculpture. By the semi retired tired Italian. trickster Maurizio Catalina Banana duct taped to a wall. It's peel already speckled with Brown spots. It's titled Comedian by Wednesday. It hardy one art art world. Notoriety righty on Saturday. The chief the public visibility that any artist would envy after self promoting wag toward the banana off the wall and levels it up. Suffice it to say that works of contemporary we are rarely make the cover of the New York Post but this is Mr Catalans second recent appearance on the tabloids front page when it comes to the bananas ons logical status art or produce. I thought we get settled this already. If you buy a light work by Dan Flavin and the fluorescent bulbs starts flickering. You can play with anyone if you buy assault Walls wrong and move house. You can race the old one and draw new one a banana. Manna even more than a light. Fixture was always going to require replacement. Catalan had already drawn up instructions from lucky collectors to replace the fruit every day to ten days as to why Catalans bananas gripped the public imagination has something to do with the price something to do also with the comic potential of bananas is it art. Did you have to be there. Let me reassure you are not a hopeless Philippines. You find this all a bit foolish foolishness. And deflating sense that a culture that once encouraged the blonde beauty now only permits. DOPEY JOKES IS MR CADILLAC. The stock in trade. But perhaps we'll find more to appreciate catalans work if you take notes of two point. One former one social says the New York Times art critic. I I've been dismayed to discover eh for work that has been endlessly photograph. Imperative over the course of its one week life. Almost no one has discussed that. It is not just a banana it is and a piece of duct tape and this is a a significant difference. Comedian is not a one note. Datta estim- posture in which commodities proclaimed a work of art which would be an entire century out of date now as David is a film director mimicking. Making W Griffith comedian is a sculpture when the continues Mr Catalans. decades-long reliance on suspension. Make the obvious seem ridiculous and to deflate and defeat the pretensions engines early. Okay fire this guy. Fire this guy seriously. Fire the critic fire the artist fire everyone the culture that produced the Sistine Chapel has now produced a man duct taping of Banana Nanto Wall the culture that produced Bach. Beethoven Brahms has now produced a piece of fruit that is rotting on a wall tape there with duct tape and we are supposed to believe the Z.. They deep deep and profound commentary on American culture. The only commentary on American cultures that anybody took this thing seriously in the first place. It's ridiculous on. Its face and the fact that nobody aspires anymore. Instead we just find joy in mockery. The nobody aspires anymore. Maybe that's the only thing it has to say about our culture. Maybe those catalans point. It Ain't worth one hundred twenty grand. I just gave it to you for free so enjoy I already. We'll be back in two hours of content. We have a lot to get to a little bit later days. Definitely tune in or show up tomorrow. I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro. Show If you enjoyed this episode don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a five.

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