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A half a cup of that. It's GonNa add that I know it just. It smells like summer. It's so good so then you have a cup of sugar. Vanilla Extract One cup of vegetable oil. So is the vegetable instable oil replacing butter. Some cakes used butter some cakes US oil so I usually use canola oil for everything. 'cause vegetable the oil can be a mix and people are allergic to different things so canolas pretty straightforward but yeah you have quote unquote regular bakers. They use oil on their cake. So it's not that unconventional and then we have the two cups of Yogurt Okay so this is plain unsweetened Almond Milk Yogurt. And it's labeled dairy free. Where can people find this publix super easy? I'm a big fan of finding easy ingredients. My goal would the bakery when I started is to get more people to go vegan. I think the only way that we're going to get more people to go Vegan and for the planet right and for the animals is if people don't feel like they're giving something up you know if they feel like it's a huge effort in there having to give up something that they love. They're not GONNA don't do it so when I make my cakes when I make my recipes I try to find things that people will find it easy so now we have our wet mix and dry dry mix. So we're going to add the dry mix to the wet mix in third so you don't WanNa throw it all at once. 'CAUSE YOU WANNA make sure that really gets incorporated mixing mixing it in as we go. That's when you get the arm workout. So you can eat those calories later calories out calories right back in exactly. That's how I live my life. That smell is just so good. It smells just like you would expect baking lemon cake to smell. And that's the whole thing everything that I bake. I don't want anything to taste smell or feel like Vegan cake. I wanted to feel and taste and smell like a regular lemon cake because I was there you know. I wouldn't Vegan eight years ago in the half years ago and there was very not that many options really really and all the options that were out there were that dry tasteless cake and that was not going to work for me. I just knew that I couldn't live my life eating dry cake forever so I knew that I had to come up with the solution. So that's how this whole thing started. What made you decide to go vegan? Eight years ago I used to love meat. I used to love eating meat and cheese all of those things and then I watched food inc the documentary. humanitary had no idea what it was getting myself into and I just cried all the way like by the time. The movie ended an hour and a half half later. I'm in tears trying to see through the tears as I'm googling how to go Vegan and I was like that's it I'm done never again. There's no turning back so you were crying for what well. It was the first time I know it sounds silly. Everyone knows that your Burger comes from cal right but it wasn't until I actually saw those images of a cow. Oh being led to slaughter and I saw the fear in her eyes that I just connected the amount of cruelty that's involved in eating eating meat and I just couldn't erase that and all I could think about is that I was not going to be part of that anymore. Nobody was going to die because I needed a snack. So I just made a decision Asian that from then on I was gonna live cruelty. Free Life Okay. Well no tears in the cake batter. Please it's looking good. Is it about ready to go in the oven. So the last thing we want to do is that the poppy seeds a little bit of flare. So if you don't mind my asking what's your cultural background and was it difficult for for your family to accept that you had gone Vegan. I feel like a lot of people can make the change on their own but they run into trouble in social situations. We're family gatherings the holidays are coming up. So what was your experience with your family. So I'm from Brazil and it's a very meat heavy Brazilian diet diet right so f. I and I used to love the Brazilian steakhouses where they just keep bringing you meat endlessly. That was my favorite place to go so so when I decided to go vegan. Of course I wasn't going to go to those places anymore but I was still visiting my family in Brazil and my grandmother called it this weird phase under but then as you stick with it people become interested. And they're like so. What exactly do you eat when they see that? You're not eating. Salads is all the time then people realize oh wait. That's not what I thought. Veganism was then it becomes a different perspective which is part of the education process says and for people to understand that. It's not this crazy thing. No definitely not but that batter is looking crazy. Good I feel like I could just take a spoon okay. So you're spraying a BUNDT PAN and once you have it all in there then you put it in the oven at three fifty for an in our so it makes for a long time a right so three fifty four an hour and then through the magic of editing. We have one that you baked bright and early this morning. which is this perfect? Circular Golden Brown lemon cake with the poppy seeds flecked everywhere. I mean I could eat need it right now but you're not done. I mean it would still be delicious right now. Don't get me wrong but it can be even better. So we're going to put Dinna glaze a lemon glazing there so that's super easy we're just GONNA mix in some powdered sugar in a bowl and then we're going to slowly lowly poor some lemon juice in there to form a glaze. Now we're just GonNa pour it over the cake. Stop it right now. How it's just that her effects slow drizzle? It looks sore bought. And that's a compliment. You could serve this to company and you would be winning at life and don't tell them to begin until they've tasted it. That's what I do so what I did in my husband has. He's not Vegan. Okay so the glazes port in and then you could eat it or if you want to serve this you Kinda WanNa make it kind of a statement piece or kind of a centerpiece. ps You can add some flowers to it so pretty. I almost don't want eat it almost almost okay so now for the fun one part let slice into this bad boy. My mouth is watering hole. And it's so soft and crumbly look at that and then and I like to do this is just kind of reaching and get some more that glaze in there. Oh yeah because when you have a Bundt cake there's always that no-man's-land in the middle that little puddle. The little pool of glaze in the Middle Indefinitely. WanNa get in there. I need you to be my partner in crime here. Let's do this together. I will never if you insist I will eat cake. It's one of the my main food groups who the most important food group of the day. All right here. We go. That lemon glaze greets you from the beginning. Hello this is going to be delicious. And then it's so moist and Chewy. I guess that's the Vegan Yogurt. Yes so the Vegan Yogurt really just softens the whole thing up. Yeah just makes Super Moist. Poppy seeds I always bought. Were just kind of like arm candy but I really do taste a little bit of nuttiness you would not know. This is Vegan cake no way and that's the whole point like it should never taste like a Vegan cake. You should just taste like awesome cake for people who WanNa make awesome cake at home. What are some tips what are some substitutions? So there's not one specific thing that you can sell out in this instance. We subbed out Regular Regular Yogurt for Almond Milk Yogurt. And we put some cornstarch to glue it altogether question about eggs. It would be hard for people to believe that you can make a cake. Take this delicious without eggs. Where can we start to look for a substitution eggs? Some people like subbing for applesauce loss or a banana. You can do. What's called a Chia egg which is just chia seeds and water? They get if you mix them. They get that kind kind of runny texture. I personally don't like doing that. I prefer to just about ingredients and change the whole formula. Okay where are you on on. Aqua faubus isn't that the sort of juice that's in the can of chickpeas yes which sounds not delicious at all but it's magic whenever people ask me about being baking. I'm like Vegan. Baking is magic because you can turn chickpea water into meringue and Mousse. I mean how crazy is that and to watch it happen you put in the MIC. Sorry new add sugar and it just transforms into meringue. And it's absolutely amazing. I do all my macaroni with Aqua fiber marshmallow. I do a s'mores cupcake. The topping is all over and people are their minds are blown. When I tell them what it is I can't believe it? What about butter so there are vegan substitutes for butter? I I like using Earth Balance and again you can find that public it can find it at any grocery store. It tastes just like the real thing. But it's made with vegetable oils while Natalia Lima. This was absolutely delicious. Best of luck with the end of the challenge. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. That was producer Leah Cologne speaking with Natalia Lima of the vegan bakery curious cat bakery. You'll find the recipe for Natalia's lemon. Poppy seed cake on our website zest. PODCASTS DOT COM. We've we've also got a great recipe from Leeann. Wiffen up on our side. She's the pit master.

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