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Investigators say a thrift shop fire in Missouri was caused by the sun with a little help from a snow globe boxes. Gary Bomb Garden with this story, remember when we were kids, and we try to start small fires using magnifying glasses and the sun, it was a variation on their theme that resulted in a fire in the new dime store in Kansas City. Sunlight was magnified through a snow globe on display in the window and that sparked the fire. Over the years there have been so Several other fires across the nation also caused by sunlight magnified by snow Globes. Gary Bomb Garden Fox News also knew tonight. North American Aerospace Defense Command is continuing an annual holiday tradition by tracking Santa Claus as he delivers presence across the world, NORAD Commander General Glen Van Herck tells Fox and friends. Santa has a familiar face leading his sleigh. We can confirm Rudolph is leading the sleigh ride. We picked Rudolph's nose up. It gives off a he Signature. Our satellites detected that soon after he left the North Pole. The tradition reportedly began back in 1955 after a child called the Continental Air Defense Command, asking where San Awas plus Santa Claus is bringing a new head coach for Auburn's football team in a Christmas Eve videoconference Brian Harrison was formally introduced is the new head coach of the Auburn football team, the 27th in program history, arson, committing to a culture of excellence he takes over the Tigers following the dismissal of Gus Malzahn. It is about the belief That we talk about here is so much which resonates with me and and also do that in a consistent way where we can win championships. We could have 1/4 and one mentality. Carson spent the last seven seasons as head coach at his alma mater, Boise State, guiding the Broncos to three Mountain West titles during that time, as well as 10 or more wins in five of the past seven seasons. That sponsors meant Napolitano reporting. I'm Mary Course study and this is Fox. Here's your flag forecast clear to partly cloudy tonight..

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