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You're you're going. You're going to that place. There's nobody in the top six can compare without include on on felony who are being light at while maybe on a European night. But God forbid but seriously day, it is owned believable. How they drove that team on very interesting. The from the Newcastle perspective the way, I always Perez and on Solomon, Ron Don are linking. No dot that gold. First goal that got back was beautiful goal of grit volley. I Jordan Pickford. I I've said this before in the podcast. So I'm not jumping on him. I I've been consistent. He is to wound up in these games. He gave away the penalty. He should have been red carded in my opinion. There's a move by referees away from like, given the the double d. Double jeopardy on sending them off as well. And he should have gone though. It was rugby-tackled. Can I ask you a question about that yet? So that happens he whiffs on the ball. And then tackles the, man. Yeah. Was it Ron that? He took down saw was and then he gets up, and he's arguing what like what could he his be saying, he's he just argue argument was probably that was the argument a red. There was don't give me your read. There was covering defender. Are the ball was he wasn't. It wasn't a clear top in which it was. But but that aside I don't care what anyone says about the strike was that maroon strike for the for the equaliser. He's got to put that anywhere else. He can't put it back into play it straight down the barrel. Put it up put it over. Now. I mean, it was hit with great pace. But I totally agree with that. But this is England's number one. And he has not been that good this season. If I didn't wanna from a World Cup hangover is it's Pickford. And all of a sudden you Kassir back in. And then to component things everybody's off site on the winner everybody. I'm off side your off site. Everyone is on even still the second. Phase where I guess the linesmen would justify not putting up the flag because Peres moves in and out he's mile site. Was he well I'd have to go back again to see that. He's not well, hang on the second. Phase for me is he's not off-site. Everybody's site is the first point. So the flag should have gone up. But then the idea that Peres is moving back from an offside position Rondon gets the nod on. So that's automatically second. Phase that to me is as really problematic by the way to start that we're going to consider what Yellen did as an intentional pass little back in. That was not the worst shot attempt in history. No, I think it was a hidden. Hope wasn't that little OB in there. I didn't think it was a shot. Good lord. He wound up like it was trying to fire one out from twenty three yards to to win the game. Either way the idea that Perez can be can be deemed. Not active run about three yards. And and the ball takes won't, touch, and he's active again, we need. I'm not I'm not buying it. It was a thrilling game. And you're right. That place went when in moments of drama that places as good as any is it something about like, we always talk about the Scottish lungs. You know, Newcastle is up in the north northeast of England. Like is it just something like data from like, Gordon? It's a coral primal passion. It's unbelievable. The noise day Mak. You're right is different. But the accent is different as you travel north. Maybe that's got something to do with it. I sometimes wonder about that like different like one Porto scored in the Champions League, the noise that they make 'cause they, and I, you know, they they don't scream like here in the US and in England, I think when a goal yes. In Spanish, speaking countries..

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