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It's going to be a conversation Thursday, John Gibson, who is chairman of the Lubbock county Democratic Party gonna be joining us. What's the way forward? A lot of folks who are interested in listening to that is in John Gibson in studio. Get him just a moment. But here's one where we when the kickoff today, the atheists in the city of Lubbock gonna give the invocation. On Thursday night at the Lubbock city council meeting. This from Casey be d Lubbock read some stories. I like kacie b slant the best because it sets me up to hit some T-ball home runs here on the program. Dateline Lubbock, the Lubbock city council agenda Garner's some attention at times. But this week. It's not for what's on the agenda tool. Be speaking during the usual time of prayer known as the invocation. It was announced last fall at a local atheist group would be given would be giving the invocation sometime in January of this year. And now is set in stone that members of the atheist community of Lubbock that's an official group. I've not looked up on Facebook. But it's the atheist community. A Lubbock will be speaking before the city council. Members this Thursday. He'll be led by their communications in public relations director, Tracy benefit. Now, let me go out on a on a branch here in say, I bet she doesn't get paid very much as I say about liberals in the city Lubbock the chairman in studio may disagree with me more aborigines in Lubbock than there are real liberals. And I would think even the less atheists in Lubbock, but Tracy benefit to do the invocation. Quote. We know there's a lot of people in our group who have lost everything when they come out as atheists. So we want to de stigmatize what it means to be atheists said benefit benefits said she will use the time to invoke ideas, invoke invocation. Invoke ideas. Quote, we are most mostly going to be talking about how we need to come together. As a city, we are the friendliest city in America eight that's what's on the billboards can't descru- Benfield there. We need to think about every minority in Lubbock in thinking about how we can work together. So. So every minority is being carried under the banner of the atheists getting the I don't know what how minorities I'm sure if I reached out to a few of them. They would have a problem with being represented by the eighth easiest, but that's what benefits says we need to be thinking about every minority in Lubbock and thinking about how we can work together. The option of having an atheist give the invocation was announced back in the fall. This has had mixed reaction. Now, listen, it was announced back in the fall that the option would be open. I think. In call me whenever you may. But I think the con- the constitution of these United States gives that option I think that that was announced like way back in the eighteenth century that that option would be open quote. It doesn't really stick within the definition of an indication because it is calling to someone else. If you don't believe there is someone else than you're speaking into the air said Jeff MC Reich, pastor of wrought city church. Jeff mcbride. Following local politics as I do fancies himself on being a political thorny on all things. God centered MC right saying that they're just going to speak into mid air. But I don't know how wrong he is there than I wanna read the rest of this. And we'll break it down benefit explained that an invocation doesn't always mean. Prayer quote. Most people are familiar with a prayer being an invocation, but in invocation doesn't mean prayer those words aren't synonymous an invocation simply means to ask someone or something for help mayor Dan pope emits, it was even a little confusing for him. Quote, first question was I really don't understand who atheists pray to but the more I looked into it. My intuition is that constitution protected their rights in the end. He hopes the community finds a way to accept it quote. I think part of west Texas of part of the west Texas value system is that we are not judgmental. We take care of our neighbor. And we love our neighbor, whatever they may believe they Theus community of Lubbock will give the invocation coming up on Thursday, forty eight.

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