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Community engagement. Since then years you know one declared the end of the nineteen of dual this year. Twenty one i'll tell you the community delegated lady and this defy but way now understood what was being importance of buying and they own owner. She actually response because at some point where were some. Is it agency been some hostility in some villages but community dial which is an approach what our social policies abba said also in espn over responses able to engage. We village and for example and condolences to the families and do rituals that they expect from friends with them and then start with station after and george. What's the experience that the world health organization has in tackling marburg in previous epidemics previous outbreaks. Yes we have been very in the outbreaks in in africa in angola in yahtzee and more recently in uganda last few outbreaks in twenty fourteen and twenty seven team but very limited because of its billions developed by. Who and responding and they were using the same principles as for a ball. Only difference is again. You have to put almost all the effort on prevention in the community infection prevention and control in air facilities because you do not have proven or licensed vaccines of rapid for members of which is different for ebola. Can we just quickly turn to kobe. Then how is covert in guinea at the moment in the rural areas in conakry as well still hot spot in canary almost four of the cases but it is also spreading in the region around one hundred cases which is a lot compared to some of the videos last year of the end of energy and marvin three of four deaths bay which is also a lot because you used to have. Maybe three deaths a week that sometimes we have three deaths day in attempts. Vaccinations where are you around. Eight hundred thousand people out of nation of maybe let's say twelve million received so it's may be six percent. This is even we while does so. I think the target of the airport authorities in kenya is to reach. Maybe ten percent by september. Which is i compared to. Other african countries and maybe one fed of permission by the end of this year pipeline of vaccines arriving including the johnson and johnson bought by the government as far a guy over vaccines from bilateral cooperation. Also so the un is supporting through kovacs facility. And the abbot african union fertility. Also my thanks to talk to georgia zebra from the world health organization for explaining how the agency has used its experience in tackling ebola to work with communities to overcome deadly virus outbreaks together. Now it's time for some closing thoughts from salons who take cortez high. Hi orange i know. You found a great literary coincidence linked to this story. So let's hear it danielle. Yes do you remember the story of the pied piper. The town was infested with rats and villagers hired at piper to get rid them with his magic flute but when the rats were gone the citizens refused to pay him and in revenge. The piper lured away the children with his flute leaving them away as have the rats. The story base it on a german legend was written by the brothers grimm. They both went to the university in marburg germany. Yes meyer bullock. The very reuss cousin of ebola took its name from the village in nineteen sixty seven and now break reported the first time among animal laboratory workers in marburg and elsewhere in europe the current global crisis has shown us how vulnerable our societies are and at the same time. It acts as a wakeup call. It is time to pay the piper. There is no magic solution viruses. Any bios don't just magically disappear. Dr ki-zerbo from the world health organization said that we need to stop the marburg virus in its tracks and that means that we must all fight it together sadly there is no vaccine for marburg virus or at least not yet but there is regional and international solidarity at the press conference here in geneva the u. n. Health agency said that on saturday. Fourteen august could d'ivoire had the declared it first ebola outbreak in more than twenty five years. And do you know it was geena that sent thousands of back. Since today neighbor cote d'ivoire we cannot leave our future in the hands of magic flutes when we can have vaccines and other simple measures to keep this dangerous diseases at bay. For no reason we should be charmed or intended to follow the pied pipers of misinformation. Thank you very much for that. Literally sign off. It is a sobering reminder and warning that fake news is as old as the hills. The un has verified campaign to fight misinformation. And if you want more details than please.

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