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Conservative is a white supremacist. I mean it's exactly the same and that's not and that's not true. do you really think that there are no moral Democrats out there you think that they are not some Democrats with strong morality I'll tell you this there are Democrats and I'm not picking on Republicans here but just because this is has come up and because of this tax there are there are Democrats they have stronger moral values then some Republicans. and that's not my opinion that's a fact. and and sometimes we hear about that in the news. and so the party that does pretend to be endorsed by god is not always a party that acts like a party that is endorsed by god we're talking about marriage and so marriage the right of marriage is down. and when I was growing up the idea of living with somebody I mean think of all the term short shacking up living in San. that's changed. some of you may not think it's good that it's changed but it definitely has changed. have you change your opinion of marriage and our our guys who don't have money not getting married because women won't marry him if they don't have money. I numbers two six cell one eight seven eight area code five oh four to six OO one eight seventy in our text is eight seventy eight seventy and you know even if you love each other you can have goodness of tough times and sometimes you have to work on it here. and I promise this hour is not going to be filled with sand. love songs we say that for Valentine's day. this is a sappy. coming out. so I think I think about. the institution of marriage lesson should be our our I mean look a lot of people get married I seen wedding parties downtown I see bachelor bachelorette parties downtown all the time so people are. what's your view of marriage and and is is what is his true love. I'm Scott. it's always a good idea especially when you can get a slice for just a dollar when you buy a twenty ounce coca Cola products or medium fountain drink at the country in the country is Carrollton at palmetto nears Xavier University what are some of the dangerous intersections you face on your commute plus the governor's race heats up as one Republican candidate launches an attack on a fellow Republican where do things stand with the race now join us tomorrow morning six till ten AM right here on W. W. L. noticeably better diamonds obviously better prices my brother and I've been telling you that for years but don't take our word for it is the J. flex as a crazy to think about all the things we learned in school that we never use again but what about the really.

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