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Don't you i. I wouldn't say. I'm an expert. But i have more affinity and greater experience with hot sauces than i do say lobster which is why. That's why i had to leave main. The tourism board found out in. Like you gotta go kid. You gotta go all those that you've been eating instead of lobster. Yeah you gotta go. Yeah but i mean just personally your you seem to have something against franks the consistency of it. It it it. It makes sense to me that that people were saying. No you just use it for for buffalo wings. I'm like okay. That makes sense to me because any time i've tried to use franks anything else it just ca- consistency is too watery whereas talulah has a little bit of heft to it. Which is one of the reasons. I like it. Got it in the cupboard right now. I do know all right on the not in the fridge. which which brings it up to an. We may now have gone into the tangent portion every finished with the business news. Yeah yeah yeah investing news you can drop off now right because you're just gonna get angry Listening to where we go from here but the whole spice thing. We were Today you're you're a big fan of throwing away spices as quickly as possible correct. That isn't overskated when they get within a few months of the expiration date year jettisoning. No you made the comment to me. That there's there's Someone in your home to whom you're related by marriage who look at the expiration date on spices and when they are past the expiration day throws them away and buys new spices. And i said i support that decision. Because the reason you have any spice is so that it can provide flavor and overtime. They're gonna lose flavor. Yeah big spices. Bought you off. I see but there people at mccormick necessarily thrilled with the comments. I've made about their company. Well i it's my position as you should..

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