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Up by Statcast. They measure these things very precisely. 3 94. Strike one low and away, But we'll tell you where that bright field wall meets the center field Wall and Straw was about three giant strides from that spot. That's got to be at least 4, 25 or 30 of all is tattooed. Causes of the upright stance, feet close together holds fat upright, the hands below the right shoulder and the simplified stance that he learned in the offseason. Douglas takes strike on the outside corner. Let's help, too, has turned him around completely. And Derek Hill went to the same guy, and they got really of the same simplified stance you've talked about. You got rid of the leg kick, right? You feel that's helped him no doubt about it. The 12 Speaking. The line drive into center field will drop Straw lets a drop he thought about coming in and diving for it, but held up line drive single first trip to the order. Lots of good swings for tigers batter I'd say four or five really good swings, deep fly balls, hard hit balls. That's the first one that has dropped for a hit. He doesn't have is that when you look at odor is he doesn't have that one pitch you go. Wow, about His heyday that fastball Peters couldn't lay off that fastball above above the strike zone. And then of course you go down with the splitter, but you're just not seeing that good action. On either one of those pitches. So far. Jimmy Stone, just one splitter. Yes, that's a surprise. So you wonder? Is you waiting for the second trip to the order probably could be Spits to a queue. But do There is.

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