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Cheshire guy jars philps are coming up soon news time eight thirty eight less than an hour to go to the opening bell and were near triple digit increases with the dow details now from bloomberg business here's andrew o'day all right now dow futures are up ninety four point some are only one hundred nine points away from the dow hitting twenty two thousand for the first time so that's going to be a big thing everyone's gonna watched today jaffa sp futures right now up five nasdaq futures up seventeen recent reports show a lot of americans are feeling better about the economy and our own finances but we're not acting like it yet just out the commerce department says us consumer spending increased just a tenth of a percent in june as our incomes on average held flat incomes are forecast to rise but a sharp pull back in dividend payments by publicly traded companies yanked down the average the measure of inflation rose more than forecast but still below the two percent yeartoyear pace the fed considers a green light for interest rate hikes business reports at eight and thirty gay past the hour i'm andrew o'day bloomberg business on wbz news radio 1030 andrew thank you wbz news time eight forty sunshine seventy three in boston meet 80s and increasing humidity today in boston now back to washington and the white house drama that played out yesterday involving anthony scaramucci new white house chief of staff john kelly of course wasting no time getting rid of the communications director after scaramucci profanity laced interview with the new yorker magazine an earlier this morning i got the take of our political analysts to republican gene heart again a democrat marianne marsh at the wbz virtual political roundtable hollywood smart to get rid of scaramucci because scare mature wanted his job it was clear skies always wanted to be capable staff but that's not the problem here the real problem for kelley who for the sake of the country everybody hope will be successful it's hard to imagine he can be on the one hand he's got republicans in congress where now rising up against their own leadership and again donald trump by defeating repeal and replace and putting sanctions on russia and on the.

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