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In addition to being an airline pilot has a very interesting project. He's been working on for for a dozen years now and anxious for him to tell us about that. So dave welcome aboard. Thank you so much appreciate. You're welcome so tell us how you got your start in aviation. It was a little extent. I grew up. Actually my dad worked for an airline north central airlines up in minnesota and He was He wasn't a pilot he worked in Purchase it and so. I kind of grew up flying standby and i was the youngest nine. And so as long as you weren't in jail you could do you want so. I pretty much explored flying. Standby all all over the world And then in college. I went into the army reserves. Help pay for college. And then i decided you know maybe i was a infantry and decided maybe i'd come an officer and i was in a university minnesota duluth and fortunately the only had an air force. Rotc program because otherwise. I like would be very different probably so i went in and asked about switching and they and and i took the test and all that get pretty well and so ended up getting Getting a slot in with the air force there and then went there little summer program. And of course i you know i was pleasantly surprised that you could sit down and eat as compared to go into army boot camp so good so did pretty well there so they ended up offering your pilot scholarship however i get airsick really easily so for the next two years i turned down the pilot scholarship and said i don't want to be a pilot And so i would actually hit graduated from college in computer engineering and it was after graduation. Tonight i transfer down to the university of minnesota in minneapolis and the commodore out. There was was an all day ten driver and it was just kind of an aligning of the stars. I just seen I just seen top gun though. That was fresh in my mind and i went in there and and my since i just graduated from college. My flight benefits ran out..

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