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So we are we drudge through our weekly. Carson Wentz Performance Review on Yeah Verdun style. Hopefully, the next one is a is a lot more cheery Let's let's talk about what's going on with the forty niners. So again, we are not sure of Jimmy G. is going to play this game they're gonNA. Try We don't know or right right now I think nick mullins is going to be the starter if. It ends up being Jimmy G.. Will record something you know or I'll record something about that later on. But I WANNA talk about Nick mullins here and look the banged up forty niners in and the eagles should look at their injury. Let's look at what the forty niners got going on and understand for diners rebel to beat up on the hapless new giants thirty six to nine. Right showing that you can play good football against bad teams with Iraq of injuries and they did it with their backup quarterback Nick Mullins who how hand is quite fond of in my opinion is the. Type of backup that you love to have when you need them for a stretch, a guy that can get you through some games and racked up a couple of wins. If things are right around him on the day, he was twenty, five, thirty, three, hundred, forty, three yards, nine point, five yards per attempt one touchdown passer rating of one Oh eight point nine as I was going through his throws mark I? I just got the feeling that Shanahan was just running the office like they normally would and they weren't afraid to push the ball. I mentioned Wentz only having two completions beyond. Ten air yards in a in the air you you had for three mullins at ten plus yards nine for fourteen, hundred, fifty, three yards, and even win they threw its short. The forty niners gave him a good deal of Yak to to really boost up that offense and they spread the ball around to a did you see the same thing in terms of how the offense function and how mullins functioned within the offense? Absolutely. Absolutely, and let's be clear. You know me I'm not known for drop in heartaches or takes period I'm like Miss Luke to cold when it comes to this But I'm there with Nick Mullins I. DO think that he's a better quarterback between Emma Jimmy G. Right now I and this is something that almost predates this season. I remember like two years ago right over pats pulpit that mullins should be their target for a post, Tom Brady world like this is the guy like you watch him. Anticipation manipulation all the little things. Now, those are the veins of lead me to believe that Brett? Repin quarterback four in last year traff class it. So maybe I'm not the guy to listen to but molly checks a lot of the boxes that used to matter at the position all those little small things and when you see this game against the giants. It should hands offense like they haven't changed anything. They had said look bad. You're our backups or just GONNA, run slant flat eleven times because you know that's all we can call their run the same stuff they're running league run vertical concepts. They're letting them challenge downfield. You know he's taking those shots if he can. If not check at down, he's making smart decisions the football. Yes he's efficient what he pushes it downfield like you pointed out seven of nine in this game not once numbers. Obviously it's so look I think this is a kid that can play the position and obviously Shanahan has a certain type at quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo heated CJ beathard in the third round now nick mullins like he wants guys that are smart. With the football, make quick decisions with football and that are accurate and he'll fill in the rest schematically. That's what he hasn't mullets like this kid is good and that's why the forty niners turned down. Every single trait offered that they got for him this last off season they really do love this cat even though they have what they think is a franchise. quarterback on a on a big contract now so they definitely have faith in him to run run the offense, and like this is going to sound crazy but I think it's easy to undersell mullins if you're not too familiar with them, the guy is definitely function I I think my question now is mark like what rattles mullins where can you get him? What are his weaknesses? What can the Eagles due to him? What does it look like when he has a bad game? Does that happen while I mean I think like with most quarterbacks it starts with pressure like if you could get quick interior pressure on him, which again is like the old cliche thin. That's one situation that does rattle them his arm is. Sufficient, it's not great. You put those two things together that screams to me, rex Ryan versus Tom Brady. That's to me you show him some different looks up front. You try to get pressure on you use sometimes those radar lime and we've seen teams usually you don't know who's common who's going. We saw that Monday night from the Ravens a couple of times against. that it worked early but you've gotta play sixty minutes against that cat like so you try to get pressure on him and then you take away underneath throwing lanes you force everything to the boundary if he's going to be hitting fifteen yards twenty yard out route against you and wins that way like fine. Tip your hat to him. Calm your daddy move on with. Your Life. But if you let him hit the underneath stuff if you let him seem comfortable in the pocket and he throws, it wants to hit while then that's on you like you've got to take away that stuff. I, rattle a bit move them off of his spot and force them to hit shot plays or routes on the outside deeper than say five or Ten yards downfield. That's what you've gotTa do against that your best shot and you look at the way, the forty niners are built near getting back towards kiddle. They're probably getting back. deebo Samuel. They have Brandon I. They have all these big guys. If you let him throw short going to take that all day and they're just gonNA blow up his stats after the catch. What they're gonNA do in the Eagles are. A prime example that was his first start. If I'm not mistaken was against the raiders a couple years ago would Garoppolo hurt and benched battered and one of his biggest plays in that game I believe it was a Monday night or Thursday hundred. I think it was the third dinner I don't think it was just a simple slant route to George kill. And it was one of those moments where he was backside, he was actually frontside of three by two WHO's empty formation and knows quarterback that middle linebacker in the rat is going to open to the number three guy he's gonNA open to says so he's opened in his hips to kiddle, but that's what he wants to go the football..

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