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Okay. Just breaking into your your regular polka service here to present a new section which we're gonna call off the experts. So no pressure put pressure on joined now by Andrew Carter director of the central cities. Chief executives are demoted you Laura out where you're going on system very important question about what's going on with with in a citizen city policy in keeping with today's topic. I think the question I'd like to know the answer to each day is. What's new shadow devolution. The mayor of usua-. Well, I think it's a bit of it's a bit of Yorkshire itself, not being able to organize itself despite what we've heard from different interests within it. I think when push comes to shove different interests in Yorkshire, north south on the cities and the rural have not are not going to be able to come together, I think ultimately. So I think there's a kind of Yorkshire element to that. And I think on the flip side, I think government remains unconvinced that doing a deal at the Yorkshire level is both good for Yorkshire and good for the country. So I think there's a, there's a reluctance on both sides, even though there's been good efforts by different interests to try and make progress on this stuff. I think you know this, this challenges and issues and obstacles on both sides of the equation. It we thinking of government on the one hand and Yorkshire on the other. And I think I think that some of those questions about what would be the. Purpose. The ultimate purpose of delusion to Yorkshire of still remain unanswered. Now I was I was up in the west riding many ever. Weeks of antibody leads field in Huddersfield and Bradford and something that struck me was that they, there's another pragmatism out there. Now I ever anyway spoke to behind this idea the one day which is meant to be so Yorkshire, why delusion Dale ignoring the fact that be given up chunk of the county to valley attention to that, but never felt to me like most of the leadership up there is now behind this model because they know is it's the only one left to them, but it still doesn't feel very likely then it's going to happen. I don't. You think? No, I think that's what I think there's been best in depth. I think there has been a pragmatic that if they can't do the deal at the West Yorkshire level, all the lead city. Region level county deal at the Holland, humble level, and we can't do deal. Although we have one sort of insists around South Yorkshire, then Yorkshire is the best thing that we've got. I understand the pragmatism of that..

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