HO, Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Ho you're tempting me number to tie this diplomacy all back to the other big news i mentioned the top that you've got the rumors confirmed you're basically by the wall street journal that there's a move for putin summit i will say this president obama did not attack our democracy did not attack democratic institutions was not a racist was not a misogynist did not attempt to undermine and the independent judiciary and those are the most fundamental requirements of the presidency so in that respect yes donald trump is a worse president he also brock obama frankly didn't begin a entire process of alienating every ally we can think of he had his faults to be sure with regard to putin this is also a mystery what is putin done to deserve summit with the president of the united states are we going to give out more concessions and this has been my concern all along putting donald trump in a room with putin or putting down trump in a room with the north koreans he is so desperate to have a historic meeting a a win that he can tout goodness knows what he's going to give up in those meetings and i wear hope fray that mike pompeo is there with some masking tape and a sharp elbow on to shut him up before he starts giving away the form the worst outcome is not that we would not have agreement because of course we're not going to have agreement his own cia tells him that the north koreans have no intention of denuclearizing as we understand it my bigger concern is what he is going to give up what allies he's going to undercut and how much of a disadvantage will be at after he comes out of those meetings tom final thought from you and speak if you if you want to jennifer's suggestion that the mike pompeo could use masking tape to silence.

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