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Same thing, Patrick, the homes and the Chiefs Super Bowl 55 comes up 13 days from right now. Brady, by the way, ized the 10th time He has been there more homes, his second Perps. Still a team to be reckoned with. In the Big 10, Maryland upset 17th ranked Minnesota 63 49 Saturday yesterday, Army outlasted Navy 87 78 that splits that weekend seriously. And you've asked low post pointing all their weekend or both of their weekend games. That is against UMBC. After a positive covert 19 test traffic and a lot of numbers coming up this is Pastor Dave. It was a couple Bible president in charge. For the moment of truth. Christianity is a threat to the idol, worship of humanism and the idol that the humanist worship is the state persecution crosses the line from bad to worse. When so much religion is brought into question. The religion of humanism has manifested itself in politics in academia and in the culture what you're seeing happening in America right now, and in fact, it's worldwide. Is the embodiment of evil. We on a conservative right in this nation, understand that our founding was steeped in Judeo Christian teachings. That's why we're so fiercely patriotic to our cause. The other side is driven by hatred, which has been manifested in the devil since the beginning. Jesus told his followers that the world hates you know that it hated me. First, the current players on the stage right now maybe conservative politicians and evangelical Christians versus liberal progressives, Hollywood and Big Tech. But the root of it all for 6000. Years has been. God versus Satan Dispatcher David Lewis has been today's moment of truth. Remembers your pick 3626 ft. 420 to 2 at 7 33 traffic.

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