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Hey. Welcome to Keith. And the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda. We just of course, had Super Bowl fifty three. I boycotted it. So nothing to talk about they're doing. I'm gave you your Super Bowl. Party was good. Are we not allowed to mention it? Because you lost. I was watching with the blindfold on like bird box. I'm telling you. Support capper neck. I don't support the treatment of these players. I don't support. I mean, it's black history month, and we're sitting there watching football. I don't sport bad calls by wraps. I can't be complicit here announced that you're a very good person. Thank you know. Thanks to football. All right. We'll get to it. But first, let me tell you this. I was on the phone with my parents over the weekend for quite a while over two hours easily, and I hope that one day, you know, parallel. I'd learn something we'll parents need to hear this kind of talk. Because at some point we were all kids, and then some people have kids, and then they become the parent. And then they do the same shitty things. Just wanna listen to Keats wording of this. Like, it's a big event. I was on the phone with my parents texting. And it's always, you know, clocked in the first thing you do after you get off the phone with them is look at the time. Right. And then you announce it like, hey, look, we didn't kill each other through the phone. I assume will I? We didn't coach either and to be on the phone for over two hours. And I'd say at least two and a half in fact, and that's long if you're on the phone with anybody that just means as a stand up comedian, I have two and a half hours of material because there's no real talking of any kind. It turns into skin bits right to keep their attention. Now. Funny because I think around in January February use should always give a call to your parents. Because that's when you're writing for your April show, right? No. It got a little God little Deepa times where I'm like, you know, what here's some questions. I don't know why I'm not asking. Like who was the alcoholic and our family? Was it? Everybody was everybody wasn't it. Well, it it's kind of hard to get an answer. Because then it's like, well, son, my son my father. He would he would partake a little too much. Like was he abusive know until you know, that's that's not like a firm. No. That's not a no, let's say you're asking your daughter who's nine did your uncle touch. You. Not the way you mean. I'll be like let's go with the way you me. Yeah. Let's find something anything then. We'll try to figure it out. So I don't know. I love these puzzle pieces. Yeah. It's somewhere. The parents are great grandparents and only one person like they they wouldn't really say. But I did get did both your mom and dad chime in a little bit about your mom's history with alcohol as she said. There was no what are you know? Are you serious ride to me what you say who was in front of me and the boys? I Mark was there. I think Mike was there, and you were there, and she was crying, and you all did not handle it would even okay out of nowhere. We were sitting in the living room of your parents home. She started talking into I think because we wanted to throw a party at your parents house, and they were really adamant about no booze show. She went into like, why her father drank? And when he drank he became like, an actual asshole. And did something like lock. Mother out of the house because we sell like belligerent like she would. I didn't ask did anybody lock anybody out of a half more specifically abuse. Yeah. Bring your female energy outright because he used to just like one time you guys left me alone with her. And I'm like who you're saying the whole bunch shit. Am I allowed to know this like she would just say how she felt about like marrying your dad, and like, you know, just what she thought about when they first got married and later and having kids, and I'm like, are you.

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