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But it also begs the question is he laying down a marker. Here is Romney holding out the option of potentially challenging Donald Trump in twenty twenty for the Republican party nomination. As you know, I think it is at the moment all evidence to meet suggests it's a fool's errand for any Republican who wants to challenge. President Trump for the nomination. He is still wildly popular. With republicans. The party has the party infrastructure. I should say has has coalesced around him. And yes, there is clearly a segment of Republicans some of them helped elect a democratic house majority. Just a couple months ago there is a there is a segment of Republicans in the country who are displeased with the way Trump handles himself and had been turned off by him. But it's a small slice overwhelming. Eighty five percent of Republicans approve of what Donald Trump is doing. And so it's an uphill battle for anybody. That might wanna. A challenge him. But I think that's one of the first questions Mitt Romney is going to have to answer from this op, Ed in fact in the bed he cites Nikki Haley is appointment as UN ambassador by President Trump as one of his great successes of the administration will Nikki Haley, the person that Mitt Romney is holding up as a great move by President Trump has already endorsed Trump's twenty twenty reelection effort is Mitt Romney going to do the same is he gonna follow Nikki Haley footsteps who clearly admires and endorsed Donald Trump's reelection effort. And if he doesn't do that now seems to me he may be holding out an option to at least keep open the notion that he's not fully on board with team Trump yet see where the president goes this year, and if any of his advice in this op Ed is heated and then see if there's a potential path for challenge down the road. I don't know if you speak to anybody who's ever sought the presidency in loss tip. It's one of the most DeVos's. Dating public losses. Anybody in politics, obviously has ever experienced and the desire to be president doesn't seem to dissipate much. So the fact that Mitt Romney has run for president twice in. Oh eight and twelve tells us all we need to know that he clearly sees himself in that job. And so perhaps he is keeping out keeping open the slight option. Again, I think he probably is aware politically just how difficult that may be to mount a challenge to the sitting popular Republican president among Republicans in a Republican primary one footnote to this back and forth between Trump and Romney. That is just humorous, I guess Rana McDaniel Ronna Romney McDaniel is the chairman of the Republican National Committee. Now, she is President Trump's handpicked chairwoman of the of the national party. He is just re upturn to become remained chairman all the way through the twenty. Reelect. She has been public about aligning all of the RNC's resources to the Trump re-election effort. In fact, the campaign and the party are a completely intertwined an interwoven organization in terms of all the pieces of campaigns the ground game and joint fundraising and all the things that campaign in party do together. Now, you may have noticed a familiar name when I sent her name Ronna Romney McDaniel Mitt Romney is the RNC chairwoman uncle with somebody with whom she has had a very close relationship over the years though, obviously it's been strained when he has spoken up against President Trump. She tweeted her clear disappointment today. She said police is attacked and obstructed by the MSM mainstream media and Democrats twenty four seven for an incoming Republican freshmen. Senator to attack President Trump as their first act feeds into what the Democrats and media want, and is disappointing and unproductive again, that's her uncle Mitt Romney, one of the most famous well-known politicians Republican politicians in the country who she refers to unnamed as an incoming Republican freshman Senator that from RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, I think one thing mitt Romney's made very clear the way he starting off his Senate career means that we are likely to hear from him a bit more going forward when he thinks that Donald Trump is careening off course should make for an interesting and likely strained relationship between the president and probably the highest profile well-known member of the United States Senate. Now Mitt Romney that does it for this edition of the. Daily DC..

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