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It's interesting what I found out and the perspective that I had and how it's going to go into twenty twenty twenty and this is going to make it worth the subscription to freedoms Phoenix. Because when I do videos on this kind of stuff and everything skip to the end with Ernest handcock like that could ever happen. But Yeah I do it. Quick Man. It's like the prager you can do. Five minute videos I I but you have to script ripped it and a lot of times. I'm here filling time with you. Guys and saying Lou and you get to meet our friends and family and hear about our life I am ill. There's opportunities coming up for twenty twenty. You know we may expand the show and so on. But I'll tell you more about that later but it's been a really good ride for me. I am relatively pretty happy person but I see danger on the horizon always have. I've looked in the future and that's why we're no no fear. No fear no fear and you know that that came out. Who did that I think it was one of my board ops sound engineer one of the show is like five or something? I'd been on the radio a couple of years. We have had other rejoinders. And he did that. Thunderstruck one with Morpheus. This indicate day. I thought that was freaking awesome. Because that's what he thought of. You know he's going out you know we're not afraid and now on Damn skippy right on so when you give people the freedom to do whatever they want now they they do what they want you know a lot of times. It's Co Co Oku and some guys I know there man they are abstract they are out. There is just some stuff. That's just totally off the wall. I explained it to me. You know a lot of times. It's really complicated. No one gentleman that does a t shirt designs a Lotta. I'm simple math. It's more than three three words rambling but it's really complex just like an album cover and But it's a story you know and if you get into it and you're listening okay. The school it's a you know. Prompt to tell a story mosque. It and everybody has their own now. One of the guys uh-huh wealthy guy. I mean you by any measure. He got some money was there last night. And he's looking good. I mean his daughters are getting college-age Luggage Nego Dad we want you to walk down the aisle man. You're not looking too good. He's getting really heavy. Well he lost a lot of weight. I you know you got guilty by his daughters kind of thing. They'll do it so he's looking good. And it goes Ernie yielders chrome level Lucien Carr badges. And I oh yes they do and he wants. Yeah I got a couple of I think I got three left. I came across a batch that I got from the guy that made them so. Because I didn't complain about Out New logo or something. And that's my well. Do you mind if I use that loosely. Lawyer I go. I don't know how do I get one of the hats too. I I can't be bought. Yeah you can I don't care. There's not copyrighted. Well he was born he goes. I can't find him anymore. He paid over a hundred dollars a piece. Two hundred dollars he one can only get two of them two hundred dollars one hundred dollars a piece from South Africa to get one of those chrome love Lucien Carr badges on uh-huh stick on things that Toyota or something as level Lucien with a red verse love and so on and they were went like hotcakes on on daily Paul back in the day. Well we had the guy did it on the show. So if you guys know go do your first book or whatever and its archive and I know I can find it. And we'll make a effort now but one hundred bucks. I go man I got a few. You Won't pay a hundred bucks then. I'm like then I wouldn't have them. I mean I really want so. We're may do another order. But YOU'RE GONNA have to do like a thousand time you know it's going to be a chunk of money johnny so instead of being like a few dollars each or something to produce. It's going to be more unless we get a batch and I'm thinking yeah yeah I'm thinking this might be. Yeah people want that one hundred dollars on Ebay tells you what's going on so I'm going. Yeah I think we're going to do that. We're trying to get the original art for it. You know if we have to make it up again we will but we want to look. I like the way it was. We can get the same size. Same Guy we'll make an order order. Want Song the overall picture in the real estate market today is one of frustration. When you take many factors into consideration the housing market pundits would have you believe that everything everything is okay but the long-term trending on the real estate numbers say otherwise you are starting to see another wave of commercial and.

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