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When big things happen. I was thinking what city they happen. And it goes down in Boston. We're calling a Howard Bryant. Now, if it goes down in Philly, we're calling Schmidt New York cannizzaro nothing ever happens in San Diego. So I haven't had to call on Jay POS ner. The sports editor of the San Diego. Union Tribune longtime San Diego presence seen it all done at all in San Diego. And Manny Machado signs of the Fauji said, I gotta call my homeboy in the nine one six or are they still is it still the nine one six, I don't even know Posey J posters. Sportscenter. The union Tribune on the Murph and MAC show and the guest line. Good morning. Jay, how are you man? Good, murph. I think nine one six is down the road from you. But six six one ninety six one nine I had a little dyslexia there. My friend numeric dyslexia. Thank you. Are you guys still six one nine? I mean, I there's different area codes. Obviously, we outgrew the one but six one nine one. Okay. So we're so I threw a Sacramento there. I'm having a little numeric, but Posey's you do a morning show. Dude, the coffee the coffee only hits around ten AM. So, you know, I don't know how you guys do that. Is it fair to describe your know? It's all good, dude. And I want to get the San Diego, but just to establish your San Diego street cred. I think we can go there to you know, where I'm going, right? You know, he was the man who Ryan leaf just went after in that famous video knows hands oppose a bit of a celebrity. Right, jeff. So I mean, I always I always say that everybody has their fifteen minutes. And when it comes time for your bed, and they always had your name, comma who did something that'll that'll be my that's that's my combo. Yelled at by on the guy that got yelled at what did you say to piss them off so much? What what set them on? I didn't say anything. He he was mad about something. Wanted to he wanted to hear me out. So. Can I tell you? What can I tell you my side? Now started to tell my side. So he's. So he stood up together. You too. But it turns out you were wrong. He wound up being a hall of fame career had a hall of fame career. I know. And I knew it was gonna turn out that way after the game city yelled out when he was one for sixteen for four yards with five turnovers. Jesus Posey in all honesty. Is this the biggest thing? I mean, we know Tony Gwynn is forever San Diego. But he wasn't. He was a he was a draft pick. There was no, you know, maybe him getting his three thousand head or whatever. I don't know. But is this the biggest acquisition in San Diego sports history? Well, I would compare it was there's only two others that really compare and one does the other one. This was Kevin Brown coming here before the ninety eight season. Then put it wasn't quite like this. But it, but it turned out to be one of the biggest things this is probably the biggest thing to happen here in sports. Since the ninety eight World Series World Series was followed a month later by a vote on whether to build a ballpark past. And that's how we have Petco park. Otherwise, we ride up those sports teams. But the only other one the two pairs, and you really have to go way back when I was actually in college at the time. What was at the end of nineteen eighty-two Jack mckeon with McDonald's money of Joan and Ray Kroc. Steve Garvey away from the dodgers down to the Padres points to remember the Padres at that point were even more relevant than they are now. You know, never been anything since sixty nine for fourteen. Disaster. Garvey brought them credibility. They also went out and got other guys like dosage of nettles. And I think they already got Templeton at the time, although they gave up Ozzie Smith for him. Produce, the great the greatest moment in San Diego sports, which was Garvey hitting the home run against the cubs in the only thing that this could possibly compare to as far as I know one other thing was. Our friend that Canada. Don, Don coryell who coached the San Diego State when he was brought back to coach charges in seventy eight. That was also a big deal. So I think worth out level with this. I mean, this is something that's just doesn't happen in San Diego. San Diego sports does not include daddy Machado. Does not include baseball teams committing three hundred billion dollar baseball owners committing three million to somebody. So our intern is from point Loma and he's just not easier. Nodding his head everything you're saying he remembers the Petco vote and all that stuff. But when you said, otherwise, we wouldn't have any teams left in town. He actually attempt the sweat shirt. He's wearing today, which is the San Diego. Don't forget about the fleet. So disturbing. Fever here. We've the fleet actually adopted them Jay because we actually figured out that geographically there are closest a alliance team. And so we're like, yeah. That's why we're on board. So we're out with Berkovitch you were in with Nelson. We're on board, buddy. That's it. Got a rematch with Mike Riley and the only already back on arena league. Reema revenge for the burqa vici helmet incident, coming our way. So listen, tell me about these owners, I confess, I don't know because you know, everything changes we got two owners are we've got three here in the bay area that live. Well, what am I saying Moore, I say we got Davis, obviously lived forever. We got Joe lak- with the warriors. He's changed light years. Obviously, it's his famous phrase right to championship banners are flying in oracle. We've had even the recently deceased. Peter McGowan building the ballpark here. You know, gr- Eddie d say, no, more, right? So great owners can change everything. Great bad owners can change everything in great owners. So I don't know who Iran Fowler, and Peter Seidler are and you give me the four one one on these guys are they are they the Joe lake of of the Padres. Well, I mean, I would say after yesterday that could win of when you said that owners I started having. Turning now because all the comes into my mind is the Stockton Spanos has gone. Santos is almost from the nine one six, but it's a two oh nine. So. That's all we don't have a team his bad ownership as well as other rewrite. But hey, right anyway. Houston philanthropist around. Build things out because you know, John Moores was the only here for a while. Bill. He went through divorce at finance problems solved the team to just more out. It never got approved. It was a it was a bug. Look what disaster and these guys came in and sort of bail things out and a lot of data as it turns out cyber is part of the part of the O'Malley family is where they is is part of that. So I mean, they're legit. Got money. Questions about well how committed they were from. I five okay roles, and and that sort of thing, but you know, the last few years. Put about eighty million into the national market. And inside a lot of guys who think people in the next couple of years. The contract to will Myers. Contact. Eric hosmer last year. I'm not saying that all these wise boobs. They were spending the money, and then they made a commitment yesterday too. So I think whatever the opinion was that these guys before yesterday. Has all changed? Now. I'm not gonna say always. But it sounds like pretty much always forgiven based on what happened yesterday. Well, I mean, listen at all you ask your owner pry we had Howard Brian ESPN's, a good, buddy. And we had him on. He said if you're lucky if you're lucky you're owner cares about winning number one most of them care about revenue and control over winning. And it looks like Fowler and Seidler are announcing their presence. I mean now, I think that's true. And I think they have said that they're trying to build something that always made the wiser snows. These moves in two thousand fifteen guys like math camp James shields. It never worked out. The only thing about getting James shields was flipping through Fernando teach juniors valuable. One of the top prospects in baseball. And but there were there were questions about whether they were committed to winning. And I think they always said, look we have this plan. You gotta give us a little time. And trust us. We are interested in winning and we wanna contend for a long time when we get close. We're gonna spend money the players and the last couple of years, that's what they've done with with hosmer Machado. So I think I think we need to believe what they said, which is that they are interested in winning as you as you said, that's all you can ask for an older is trying to win matrix competitive. Give us something to cheer for other than good fish tacos. And crap. Okay. Which are excellent. By the way, Jay Posner last couple minutes. Here is the sports editor the San Diego union Tribune. Lifelock Posey you go to high school down there. I went down here for a couple of years. I graduated from Carmel. From you guys. Look, those are the only two years I did not live in southern California. Yeah, you're mostly those two. I see, you know, the area stone cold. And so I just think I was just trying to imagine. Listen, everybody loves a winner. So there's never been a team in a World Series or a Super Bowl or an MBA files. It hasn't had a, but I'm just I've never seen. Petco like pack to the Brown unhinged with fans like you don't wanna go to Petco. 'cause you're gonna get served. Do you know what I mean? It's like, I can just imagine. If it ever, you know, I mean, I'm saying it could definitely could yet just takes winning. That's it. Because even in the years Petco opened four Renton to the final week six. They won the division. But the team was under. They wanted to two wins there. No six they got blown out in the playoffs by the cardinals seven. They went down to the game 163. The mount holidays auto. I mean twenty ten they went down to the final day loss to the giants up there and had a winning season since. So you're right. I mean Petco cheers at Petco. Up in the homerun derby what it was. And actually. The last time it was here and the the biggest cheer. I remember from the world baseball. Classic was Adam Jones. Vicki this. Unbelievable catch in center field. Homerun? The ball was Manny Machado. That's funny. That's really funny. It's a neat. Little trick. Neat little link there. That's funny, actually pose. You hate to say this. I don't mean to crush you. But the biggest cheers Petco of been from giants fans dating that right? Tim lister? No, that's right. Jeez. Man. The only the only no hitter at you'll know. No hitter at Petco. And it's interesting. The opener this year the opening series inches against the giants. Coach finally now, we've got such great success here. It's a great success as a player visit that upset, but certainly as a as a manager took the team to the World Series in ninety eight. And was the manager the last time they wanted the playoffs here. A lot of fun. I mean, you know, Bumgarner on the mound that day. Casey who hates us some undetermined project AJ, you know, what else? Hey, seven separates four. But also, San Diego kind of sporting history. I've always thought this j like if you go all the way back to nineteen eighty two when the chargers had to go to Cincinnati and play that AFC championship game. Was it like literally like sixty degrees below zero and the Bengals won and went on to lose to the Niners. I always wondered like what would have been different if the chargers if that game was in San Diego. I'm gonna go ahead and say they win that game. They were so good offensively. And then who knows like in the super beta, given the John. I'm just saying how the course of history might have been different like in so many ways not only for the charge of everything we're talking about the fans in the city if that win or rather if that game was played in San Diego doors, the Bengals beat them in San Diego. Anyway. People go crazy for the cartridge ninety four. You know, what they did go to the Super Bowl only get blown out by of course, the Niners? But. The night. They came home from Pittsburgh stadium was packed with seventy thousand people that never happened. So they didn't win the Super Bowl. They just got to the Super Bowl. Yeah. The stadium people here were nuts over the chargers and six fourteen and to you know, the. It against the patriots. Two thousand nine there were thirteen and three. There's still nothing here. Like, there's never been anything here. Like the people getting excited. The over years and years of time the Padres in four it was crazy. It was crazy. But for the most part they tend to the playoffs five times in forty nine years. To get excited about it. And that's what yesterday is about bringing you the Chato. That's something for people to say. Hey, look, we got something excited about that. Doesn't happen. Very often in Europe, especially since we lost football team. Yeah. Well, other than fleet ball. You know, what I mean, we're talking? When was the last time you have the new thing happened?.

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