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Have you with a husband at a case. Yeah, I gotta put you see, you should have seen the go. Go's doctor. We've got to be all right. Yes, Let's govern our way. On Friday. Happy Friday, Everybody. August 21 Man Joey party Friday. I know everybody's buzzing. Wait. We got to get the matter for Monday's Yeah, anymore, Matty More Thursday, smiling matter. What's Waterboy out of the grease board. Over there, Coast? I'm trying to read his is guest list here. I'm a little thrown off by this. I'm a little confused here. Okay? We're just a two year water boy. I'm Trying to read this guest list here. Alright, 7. 30, my crew go big. Okay. Eight o'clock Giantsgeneral manager John. Let Jesse just 40 under general manager John Lynch is so what happens is that the power hour? Gets a little bit of Ah knuckle ball thrown at it by the executive show, And I think when, When the season starts air eventually they'll move to seven AM, but right now, Lynch enters the power hour. Every million copes. Yeah, that happens. Remember what we had Mostert come when Murph was out. We had to put him at eight. I think he was on a date a clock, too. It's all part of the power hour, right? The power hours full of power. That's all it is. I'm saying So. What's that wattage? I don't know. But today it's gonna fly it with power. All right, so I'll take a little power us up. We'll start with the arrow. John Lynch came the time of my radio John Lynch into it. Yeah, Exactly. Fantastic. Did so, maybe along power hour today, why not? Who knows? All right, And then at nine, or 9 30 Henry, showman of the Chronicle, Gonna join a stock more guys. Double talk. And Joey Barton will continue to do what you can check in on the text line for 15808 knbr for 158 away. 56 to 7. Your impressive Joey Barton on candy are one of 45 and six a TV sports league. I'm all in. You're listeningto Merkin Mac available now on your Google home Smart speaker. This is KNBR 1045 and 6 80, the sports leader. We're all fascinated by the power of yes. Stransky with spectacular shot into the wall swing of Solano. Solano clears the bases with a double about that. With a gas of Gaza 98 miles an hour with that one. So God got electric fastball today. Better yet the BART train has arrived. Heart swings and lines, one over the head of the third baseman ran down that speeds down the line in the corner in a second with his first major league ahead. It's a double Joey Barton's former giant shutdown southpaw jar in the NFL knows how big of an influence a catcher can have. And he joins T K be today at four to talk about Joey Barton joining the ball clubs. CRK, NPR, 1045 and 68 to be sports leader Herd on your Amazon, Google or Apple Smart Speaker. No, no, I.

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